Herba artemisiae annue extract: A Highly Potential Overall Antimicrobial Agent

Herba artemisiae annue extract

Herba artemisiae annue extract: A Highly Potential Overall Antimicrobial Agent

The effect of fiber in barley when it comes to lowering blood cholesterol levels has become the subject of various clinical researches which have paved the way to the development of many health supplement products for better wellness. Although the benefit remains to be unapproved under regulatory measures, many experts say that evidences in quantitative researches indicate high feasibility of Barley’s efficiency. Barley seedling powder has also been developed to be included in health supplement formulations as it contains high amounts of essential nutrients which promote metabolism and other processes in the human body. There are no risks associated with the use of Barley Seedling powder in health supplements but it must be taken only within recommended doses to prevent unlikely side effects.

What is Herba artemisiae annue extract?

Also known as Sweet Annie or Sweet Wormwood, Artemisia annua has long been used in the field of alternative medicine. Primarily, the Herba artemisiae annue extract is used in the treatment of malaria and other high fever-associated infectious diseases. It is also used historically in treating stomach upsets and other digestive illnesses caused by rapid growth of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Many researches on Herba artemisiae annue extract today are being conducted to determine its effects against cancer cells, both benign and malignant types. Although no direct studies on humans have yet been conducted, researches on animal subjects reveal that the antioxidant compounds in Herba artemisiae annue extract may prevent cancer growth. It is not intended, however, to treat cancer as no exact cure for the disease has yet been found.

What are the benefits of using Herba artemisiae annue extract?

As an antimalarial agent, Herba artemisiae annue extract is believed to work by inactivating the parasites which cause the disease. Other health uses of Herba artemisiae annue extract include the following:

  1. It may work against autoimmune diseases

In one study, it was found that Herba artemisiae annue extract may have certain effects in reducing the symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease affecting a vast percentage of the population. With this finding, experts are hopeful that the extract may work against other autoimmune diseases as well.

  1. It may reduce menstrual pains

Taking supplements with Herba artemisiae annue extract may also reduce menstrual pains as it is said to help reduce muscular tension and contraction. There are no evidences on whether the extract may affect hormonal balance.

  1. It has antifungal properties

Herba artemisiae annue extract also helps control fungal growth to prevent diseases brought about by the microorganism.


Herba artemisiae annue extract also has antispasmodic, diaphoretic and expectorant effects. It may be used generally by adults.

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