Herba Lycopodll extract: For Optimal Musculoskeletal Health

Herba Lycopodll extract

Herba Lycopodll extract: For Optimal Musculoskeletal Health

Various herbs and plants growing across the Asian region, particularly China, are shown to have potential health benefits. The use of plants like Lycopodium japonicum in the field of alternative medicine dates back to as far as the earliest eras as this plant is observed to enhance overall musculoskeletal system. Today, a common ingredient often referred to as Herba Lycopodll extract is being included in health supplement formulations, having been sourced out from Lycopodium japonicum plant. Aside from its effects in the musculoskeletal system, experts believe that the compounds in Herba Lycopodll extract may also have contributory effects in the enhancement of other organ system functions. Studies are also being conducted to isolate compounds in Herba Lycopodll extract and to determine their effects in the prevention of serious conditions like cancers.

What is Herba Lycopodll extract?

Herba Lycopodll extract is derived from various parts of the Lycopodium japonicum plant. It is widely known to contain a compound known as Serrantane Triterpenoid which is believed to be useful in the field of medicine. There are very limited studies on Herba Lycopodll extract and Serrantane Triterpenoid but many experts say that many of the proven health benefits of Lycopodium japonicum are associated with the extract and its main compound component. In terms of safety when being used, Herba Lycopodll extract is believed to be safe and effective among adults, provided that it is used within recommended doses. It must not as well be taken by individuals who are suffering from certain conditions or those who are undergoing medication therapy without prior consultation to physician. Experts believe that with the completion of medical studies involving Herba Lycopodll extract, it will soon be recognized as one of the most effective tools for improved musculoskeletal system.

Specific health benefits of using Herba Lycopodll extract supplements

Herba Lycopodll extract supplementation can provide a wide range of health benefits. These include the following:

  1. It may treat arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common disorders affecting bones and joints. It can be caused by various factors including aging and diet. Studies show that Herba Lycopodll extract supplementation can be an effective way of preventing and even curing arthritis of whatever causes.

  1. It may ease out joint pain and inflammation

Pain rooted from the musculoskeletal system is often intractable and not normally curable with ordinary pain relievers. According to studies, Herba Lycopodll extract may be useful in the treatment of joint pain and inflammation.

  1. It may treat edema

Aside from kidney damage, edema may also result with other causative factors. In one clinical research, it was concluded that a dose of Herba Lycopodll extract may treat edema, although the duration as when it will take effect is not yet known.


Herba Lycopodll extract is not yet fully explored as a health supplement ingredient. Health claims associated with its use are backed only by quantitative researches on animal subjects. It is believed however to be a promising component of modern health supplements.

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