Hibiscus flower extract: The Desert Region’s Weight Loss Agent

Hibiscus flower extract

Hibiscus flower extract: The Desert Region’s Weight Loss Agent

Developing a clearer picture as to the pharmacologic effects of Hibiscus flower extract has become among the top priorities of researchers in the field of dietary supplement manufacture following the study establishing the potential weight loss and blood pressure control benefits of the extract. Several records on ancient medical practices have initially shown the probable health effects of using Hibiscus flower extract but due to lack of confirmatory health studies, these claims have remained as merely theoretical. In the recent years, however, experts were able to conduct derivative procedures to determine the compounds present in Hibiscus flower extract and establish their potential individual health effects. Today, with several studies to back certain claims, Hibiscus flower extract has become among the most recommended ingredients for dietary supplements.

What is Hibiscus flower extract?

The Hibiscus plant originated from several desert lands including Angola, Iran and Egypt. During the early days, medical practitioners used various parts of the plant in making medicines in the forms of tea and inhalation drugs. Phytochemical studies show that Hibiscus flower extract contains high amounts of plant acids including tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid. It is also shown to contain quercetin, anthocyanins and other bioactive compounds which play vital roles in bodily process sustenance. The compounds found in Hibiscus flower extract are generally being studied upon for their contributory effects in cholesterol reduction. While actual pharmacodynamic patterns are not yet fully established, several studies have already shown positive results on Hibiscus flower extract health benefits.

Potential benefits of using Hibiscus flower extract

Most formulations for Hibiscus flower extract are indicated for adults who are suffering from high cholesterol levels and hypertension. The extract is useful, however, for other individual groups as it may yield many other health benefits. The following are some of the health effects of using Hibiscus flower extract:

  • It may reduce cardiovascular disorder risk

Individuals with high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular and other metabolic disorders due to possible formation of atherosclerotic plaques. In a study conducted in 2007 and confirmed thereafter in 2010, experts found that Hibiscus flower extract may help reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thereby preventing cardiovascular disorders.

  • It normalizes blood pressure

Another direct benefit from using Hibiscus flower extract is blood pressure normalization. The anthocyanin compounds found in the extract effectively reduces blood pressure among individuals suffering from hypertension. Experts also say that the extract is quite advantageous as it does not result to reduction of blood pressure among hypotensive patients.

  • It has chemo preventive properties

In one laboratory study, it was found that Hibiscus flower extract effectively prevents tumor growth. It was not, however, confirmed yet before human subjects.


Ancient dietary supplement plants like Hibiscus flower extract are clearly necessary for general wellness. Since the herb is categorized as safe, it can be used in health supplement formulations indicated for all ages.

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