Hoodia cactus extract: A Powerful Weight Loss Tool

Hoodia cactus extract

Hoodia cactus extract: A Powerful Weight Loss Tool

The Kalahari Desert in Africa is a home to thousands of plant species which are shown to provide wide range of health benefits among human beings. Among the most popular cactus-like plants which are found to be very useful in the field of medicine is Hoodia cactus or Hoodia Gordonii. Medical studies show that Hoodia cactus extract contains compounds which are very useful in promoting weight loss. As a direct result of effective weight loss, many modern lifestyle-associated conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers and Cardiovascular disorders are prevented with Hoodia cactus extract supplementation. The extract may also treat obesity and overweight conditions which are predisposing factors for other illnesses. Hoodia cactus extract is safe for use, according to studies, within recommended doses.

What is Hoodia cactus extract?

Taken from the succulent plant Hoodia cactus, Hoodia cactus extract is a well-known supplement ingredient among weight loss enthusiasts. The active component of Hoodia cactus extract which is believed to contribute in its weight loss properties is the compound known as P57. For years, experts have been studying the effects of P57 in the human body. So far, it has been established that P57 has appetite-suppressing effects, which is an essential health benefit for modern weight loss supplements. Historical researches also show that early settlers in the Kalahari Desert region have used Hoodia cactus in order to survive long hours of hunting without any food intake. These findings all lead to the possibility that indeed, Hoodia cactus extract may be an essential weight loss agent.

What are the benefits of using Hoodia cactus extract?

Hoodia cactus extract supplementation promotes weight loss and provides other health benefits. These include the following:

  • It promotes heart health

Effective weight loss directly results in the improvement of cardiovascular function as the heart is able to pump blood effectively throughout the different parts of the body without abnormal constriction brought about by fatty molecule accumulation in the inter tunica layers of the blood vessels. Hoodia cactus extract also prevents accumulation of fats in the great arteries of the heart, thereby preventing atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.

  • It enhances motivation

Obese patients who have taken doses of Hoodia cactus extract are observed to have improved motivation following appetite-suppressing effects of the extract. This results to effective weight loss as patients are able to stick to their diet and weight loss programs for long periods of time.

  •  It increases energy levels

Appetite suppression also promotes the breakdown of fats in the body which, in turn, results to the production of energy for body cell supply. Individuals who take Hoodia cactus extract are expected to have lower risk for fatigue and exhaustion.


Hoodia cactus extract is idea for individuals who need to lose weight for better health. In-depth clinical studies are needed, however, to confirm health claims associated with its use.

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