Hormonal Balance for Both Men and Women with Angelica extract

Angelica extract

Hormonal Balance for Both Men and Women with Angelica extract

Traditional birthing herbs like Angelica are known to contain several compounds similar to certain drugs used in pharmacologic medication formulations such as Calcium Channel Blockers or CCBS’s. For thousands of years, Angelica extract has been used by early health care practitioners in the treatment of various health conditions involving hormonal imbalances among women. While limited studies explaining potential pharmacodynamic effects of the drug are available, many manufacturers of health supplements made especially for women contain Angelica extract as it is proven to work not only in the past but also in the modern health care settings.

What is Angelica Extract?

Angelica extract is a common medication used in Ayurvedic Treatment due to its high coumarin content. Aside from coumarin groups, Angelica extract is also believed to contain phytonutrients which enhance medication effects and prolong bioavailability. Angelica extract used in health supplement formulations are mostly isolated from roots, seeds and fruits of the Angelica plant. In the field of culinary arts, Angelica extract is also used widely as a flavoring or scent enhancer as it has a sweet, herbaceous smell which effectively stimulates appetite. For purposes of medication formulations, only 3-6 grams of the extract is recommended for optimum health and safety.

Health benefits of using Angelica extract

The compounds found in Angelica extract are mostly essential for hormone balance regulation among women. Recent studies show, however, that the said compounds may help improve hormonal balance among men. Taking Angelica extract supplements within recommended doses and for long periods of time is believed to provide the following health benefits:

  1. It may prevent pre-menstrual symptoms

Immediately before and during a menstrual period, women suffer from wide range of symptoms known as pre-menstrual symptoms. Although these symptoms are not deadly, they can potentially develop into serious forms of symptoms capable of debilitating a woman. Pre-menstrual symptoms are mostly associated with hormonal imbalances, mainly, disproportion between estrogen and progesterone production. Experts say that Angelica extract may effectively treat and prevent pre-menstrual symptoms by regulating hormone balance and preventing disproportion.

  1. It may improve sex drive

Other than treating ordinary manifestations of hormonal imbalances, Angelica extract is also included in health supplement formulations for its proven effects in enhancing sex drive both among men and women. The active ingredients of the extract are not shown to be effective however in terms of treating physical sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunctions and vaginismus among women.

  1. It may enhance digestive tract function

Angelica extract is also shown to enhance digestive tract function by facilitating effective passage of food contents from the esophagus to the rectum. Some compounds found in the extract also enhance flatulence among patients who are suffering from gas pain.


The most serious side effect of using Angelica extract is that it may cause an abortion. While the compound is generally beneficial to most groups, it is absolutely prohibited among pregnant women.

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