Hottest Diabetes Preventing Weight Loss Aid-Inulin


Hottest Diabetes Preventing Weight Loss Aid-Inulin

Etymological studies have long been confused with the real origin of the name of Jerusalem artichoke but what makes the sunflower species more fascinating is its ability to produce and store a polymer of monosaccharide fructose known as Inulin instead of Starch. While most tubers or artichokes are rich sources of starch which is eventually converted to glucose, the Jerusalem artichoke surprisingly contains zero percent starch and 76% inulin. The report may not seem to be very interesting to individuals with no underlying disorders but with the newly discovered benefits of inulin powder use, statistical surveys show that the compound has become one of the top searched health supplement components.

What is Inulin?

Known as a prebiotic fiber, Inulin is said to be a potential solution to several gastrointestinal dysfunctions. Although mainly found in Jerusalem artichokes, studies have shown that the compound can also be found in food sources such as garlic, asparagus and onions. There are various reasons why experts consider Inulin to be more useful than other sugars but the most important theory is the fact that it does not produce resistance among Diabetes Mellitus patient, as compared to glucose. The effects of inulin in the other organ systems such as the cardiovascular system are, however, not yet fully explored.

What are the benefits of using Inulin?

Most of the uses of Inulin for human consumption are attributed to improvement of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and its accessory organs. Although some experts claim that the compound can also promote heart health, the assertion is not fully accepted as it is not yet backed with deeper researches. The following are some of the accepted benefits of using Inulin:

  1. It Maintains Healthy Digestive Environment

Normally present in the digestive tract are microorganisms which aid in digestion and prevention of gastrointestinal disorders. When the immune system is compromised, however, the number of microorganisms in the gut increases massively, leading to development of digestive symptoms. This results to a chaotic digestive environment. In a study conducted involving the compound Inulin, experts have found that a regular dose of Inulin may help maintain a healthy digestive environment by keeping microorganisms within their healthy numbers. The compound acts as a prebiotic in this manner.

  1. It may help control Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Type II Diabetes Mellitus is the type of DM which results to glucose tolerance brought about by accumulation of fat molecules in the glucose key receptors of the body cells. Several studies have shown that Inulin intake among diabetic patients may help improve glycemic control and eliminate fat molecules in body cells through the compound’s antioxidant effects. It is also found to be helpful in preventing liver affection among patients with DM.

  1. It promotes Weight Loss

By decreasing sensation of hunger among patients, several studies have made a conclusion that Inulin may also work as a weight loss aid. The compound also helps eliminate toxins in the gastrointestinal tract which hinder normal metabolic processes.


A healthier digestive system can be achieved with Inulin supplementation. Not only is the compound safe for all but it is also very efficient.

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