The Rise Of Oral Beauty: How Hot Is Collagen?

how hot is Collagen product

The Rise Of Oral Beauty: How Hot Is Collagen?

Bloomage Bio’s 2022 performance skyrocketed due to JuZi Bio’s successful entry into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. How hot is collagen? It has been answered based on the performance of these two companies.

Tmall International’s oral beauty product turnover surged by 2266% year on year during the 618 periods in 2020, marking a watershed moment in the rise of domestic oral beauty products. 

As a result, collagen and sodium hyaluronate has become popular raw ingredients in the oral beauty industry. Simultaneously, certain beverages have begun to use these raw components to leverage beauty and economy to enable product innovation.

In 2022, 12 new collagen and hyaluronic acid oral beauty drinks and beverages will be introduced, according to preliminary data. Are these products genuine or forgeries? What are the most popular products? What kind of product has no “below” after its initial release?

Highlights of 2022 New Product

Relatively wealthy player roles.

In 2022, players in collagen and hyaluronic acid drinks can be classified as follows:

  1. Brand new consumer goods. WonderLab, Five Female Doctors, Yuan Research Institute, and others;
  2. Suppliers of raw materials have their brands. For example, WPLUS+ and Shuijiquan fall under Bloomage, Dr. Jiamei falls under Freda, and so on.
  3. Beverage businesses. Wahaha, Yijian, Mingren, and so on.
  4. OEM businesses. As an example, consider Xianle’s health.

 The player roles in this track are relatively wealthy. There are downstream terminal firms established by upstream raw material suppliers and new consumer brands emerging downstream. A scene in which several characters collaborate

One of the selling points of collagen is from multiple sources.

Regarding raw material addition, collagen and hyaluronic acid are roughly half and half. Collagen peptides from other sources, in addition to conventional collagen, are embraced by manufacturers and have become a prominent product selling point. It will be highlighted as a significant product name and promotion point. WonderLab, for example, termed the collagen tripeptide fish drink, and the five female doctors’ collagen peptide EGCG drink underlined the usage of bonito elastin peptide.

Collagen tripeptide has a lower molecular weight and is easier to absorb, making it a more competitive raw material in the present collagen market.

Collagen, Collagen Peptides, and Collagen Tripeptides

Collagen is a protein that has a molecular weight of over 300,000 Daltons. Collagen peptides have a lower molecular weight of roughly 1,000 to 5,000 Daltons than collagen and are more easily absorbed by the body. With the ongoing evolution of the collagen business, collagen tripeptides with reduced molecular weights have emerged as new market leaders.

Collagen tripeptide is made up of three amino acids that are linked together in a specific order to produce a peptide chain, which is then helically coiled into collagen fibers. Collagen is generated, and the molecule of three amino acids linked together is known as a tripeptide. The molecular weight of collagen is one-thousandth of a Dalton size.

For example, the added collagen tripeptide in WonderLab’s fish collagen tripeptide drink has a molecular weight of 200-500 Daltons. It is easy to digest, which has become the product’s primary selling factor.

Oral beauty beverages are becoming increasingly popular.

The oral beauty drink product’s basic logic is collagen/sodium hyaluronate + compound compounds focusing on beauty, whitening, anti-sugar, moisturizing, and other effects. In terms of formula, there is a clear trend toward compounding. Vitamins, niacinamide, BAGA, and other raw ingredients will be combined with collagen and sodium hyaluronate to provide a synergistic effect.

The specific compound raw ingredients are classified as follows:

1. Common beauty raw ingredients include:

Ceramide powder, Niacinamide powder, Blood Orange Extract powder, Grape Seed Extract powder, and so on.

2. Dimensional minerals, such as Vitamin C powder and Vitamin E.

3. Raw functional materials are used. For example, EGCG, GABA, etc.

The above-mentioned compounded substances can improve the properties of oral cosmetics.

Traditional beverage upgrade dilemma.

Traditional beverage products follow the principle of beverage/water + collagen/sodium hyaluronate. Adding collagen and hyaluronic acid to the mix is merely icing on the cake, not a drop in the bucket. Simultaneously, more attention is focused on beverage qualities rather than attractiveness and specialized functions in promoting and marketing items.

It may be constrained by factors such as the qualities of its products, positioning, and sales channels. However, it demonstrates that improving and altering traditional beverages is difficult. Even if beverage makers prefer to focus more on the recipe, this includes the price, positioning, user groups, layout channels, promotional methods, etc. All factors must be modified and changed, and the outcomes are unknown. As a result, businesses have chosen a more insurance-based strategy. Risks and possibilities, on the other hand, are intertwined. Even if sodium hyaluronate or collagen are added to beverages, the essence of the product is still water, and the health and beauty benefits of the added substances are not fully exploited.

Water/beverage balance with health properties.

The same is true for water, but products with health and beauty benefits have also emerged. Yuanyuan Research Institute’s collagen black sesame water, for example, and WPLUS+’s 5G collagen peptide drink.

 Based on drinking water, the product has added ingredients such as Aronia, black sesame, and sugar substitutes to the formula, which further magnifies the health and functional properties of water and also adds new selling points to the product, which also has a significant lower selling price when compared to ordinary water and beverages. For example, the Yuanyuan Institute’s collagen black sesame water costs RMB 9 a bottle, while the Yijian Princess series water light drink hyaluronic acid drink costs RMB 3.5 per bottle. The unit price differential is twice as large.

The innovative products of Yuan Research Institute and WPLUS+ may provide traditional beverage firms with a new point of reference, that is, to do more work and make more innovations in terms of functional qualities to realize water drink distinctiveness and raise product profit margins.

The Real Collagen/Hyaluronic Acid Drinks Market

In terms of sales volume, collagen/hyaluronic acid drinks are classified into three categories: 

  • hot-selling items with monthly sales of more than 1,000, which can reach 3,000 or 4,000+; 
  • products with sales volume ranging from hundreds to hundreds; 
  • and products that perform poorly after debut. 

They frequently receive no more follow-up after the introduction and do not eventually enter the brand’s official flagship store. Some are because freshly launched products, such as WPLUS+, Dr. Jiamei’s hyaluronic acid hydrosol series, have yet to have time to launch new factors. In contrast, others have been launched for a while but have yet to debut on the e-commerce channel or even appear in unauthorized Stores. Sales could be better.

In conclusion, brand effects drive the best-selling products.

Branding is essential.

Today, the fragrance of alcohol is no longer scared of dark alleyways. Consumers have long been fascinated by the seemingly limitless range of things available. Companies entering the market, particularly in industries such as oral beauty or segmented functional food, which have a high professional threshold and require consumer education, must “put down their posture and actively sell and sell” to allow customers to see you and then comprehend you.

For example, the two companies have only existed for a short time, less than five years, yet their growth pace is relatively rapid. Among them, Wonderlab planted grass through whole network marketing, with the help of platforms such as WeChat, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Bilibili, using Internet celebrities and delivery experts to plant grass, advertising, and cooperation with popular programs such as talk show conferences, and so on, quickly forming the brand’s popularity and influence in the entire network. Furthermore, it collaborates with Guangdong Province’s Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation in knowledge popularization and basic research, developing a scientific and professional brand image.

On the other hand, the five female doctors chose a different strategy. Five female physicians of medicine from Peking University comprise the founding team. The brand building has extended this topic and conveyed to users that they want to use scientific research to retain their youth and make products with a scientific attitude has established an invisibly and naturally integrated the psychology of ordinary people who want to be beautiful into the company’s goals and concepts, giving users professional and sentimental brand recognition.

Product marketing: Details are everything in product promotion.

For best-selling items, collagen/sodium hyaluronate content, absorption advantages, and so on will be noted in red fonts under the product name. The details page will provide the formula, raw ingredients, absorption rate, and user pain points. Thorough descriptions and some items were required to fulfill the necessary effort, resulting in their product detailed introduction pages being identical to daily products and failing to produce a more concentrated promotional selling point.

Whether brand building or marketing promotion, consumers can only see the brand. The key to determining whether consumers will approve the product’s repurchase is the product’s quality, which includes the formula mentioned above, raw materials, and so on. 


Overall, collagen/hyaluronic acid drinks are a category with actual demand, and customers are willing to pay real money for them. However, this does not imply that as long as the organization creates a plan, it will reap the benefits of oral beauty and beauty economics. Companies who wish to get into the game must put in much effort in product formulation, raw material selection, product creation, brand building, and product promotion. If you wish to make a cake only by adding collagen or sodium hyaluronate, you will likely be wasting your time.

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