Huperzine-A: A Powerful Acetylcholinesterase Warrior


Huperzine-A: A Powerful Acetylcholinesterase Warrior

Due to the dramatic degeneration of neurons and neurotransmitters, individuals in the elderly stage usually suffer from serious debilitating disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While health professionals and experts in the medical field are yet to find the exact cure for these disorders, a lot of studies have found that Huperzine A, a naturally-occurring compound, can help prevent the progression of the conditions. With the scientifically-proven benefits and health effects of using Huperzine A, several experts have come up with recommendations to include the compound in the formulation of various health supplements.

 What is Huperzine A?

Huperzine A is an acetylcholine-friendly compound naturally extracted from a certain species of Chinese club moss known as Huperzia serrata. Although the drug has long been used in the ancient Chinese medicine for the treatment of fever and some reproductive system disorders, scientists have only recently discovered the effects of Huperzine A in promoting mental function especially among individuals approaching the later years of life. It is believed that the compound works by preventing the release of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine even before it reaches the nerve endings. This effect thereby results to the maintenance of acetylcholine levels in the brain and the subsequent improvement of overall mental function.

How does Huperzine A benefit users?

Acetylcholine is a vital neurotransmitter that contributes in the maintenance of various mental functions. Huperzine A can benefit individual users by keeping Acetylcholine levels within normal ranges, as the drug has the capacity to enter the blood brain barrier. Some of the many health effects of using Huperzine A include the following:

  • It Works as a Memory Enhancer

Among the neurotransmitters produced by the brain, acetylcholine plays the most important role in both short term and long term memory. Along with Dopamine and Serotonin, acetylcholine helps enhance perception of every event or information as well as their proper storage in the brain. Studies have shown that Huperzine A works as a nootropic agent by preserving acetylcholine, leading to preservation and enhancement of memory. Since the drug also works in enhancing short term memory, it can be included in the formulation of memory booster supplements commonly used by students and workers.

  • It enhances nerve impulse transmission

Perception of the senses and the interpretation of impulses in the brain happen through a network of nerve cells found in the nervous system of the body. With age, nerve impulse transmission slows down due to the ordinary process of wear and tear and the reduction of neurotransmitter production. Huperzine A, as concluded in certain studies, can also help enhance nerve impulse transmission in the brain by maintaining neurotransmitter levels. Scientists are yet to explain the specific types of neurotransmitters protected by the drug but most studies find that it readily protects Acetylcholine.

  • It boosts overall cognitive function

Huperzine A helps Boost Learning Abilities, analytical thinking, memory and overall cognitive function within the doctor-recommended doses. The exact mechanism on how it works, however, remains unexplained.


Naturally-occurring nootropic agents like Huperzine A are the best not only in terms of efficiency but also in terms of safety. With the drug included in nootropic supplements, various age-related disorders can definitely be prevented.

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