10 Common IBCAA 2:1:1 Bulk Powder Questions Answered

IBCAA bulk powder

What does “instant” in Instant BCAA 2:1:1 mean?

Instant means “shorter dissolution time” because sunflower lecithin is added.

What is the difference between IBCAA fermentation and IBCAA hydrolysis?

IBCAA fermentation has a lecithin component. This lecithin component comes from two sources. One is soybean, and the other is the sunflower. However, some customers in the market do not accept soybean sources.

IBCAA hydrolysis generally refers to the breakdown of animal hair.

How is every amino acid in Instant BCAA 2:1:1 produced?

Nutri Avenue uses corn as its raw material. L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine are produced by fermentation.

How to control the mixing process between the three amino acids to ensure a 2:1:1 ratio?

By controlling the ratio of each amino group’s amount and ensuring they are well mixed.

Were the bacterial strains used to produce each amino acid genetically modified?

The bacterial strains that produce each amino acid are non-GMO. Therefore, the IBCAA2:1:1 powder provided by Nutri Avenue can use bacterial strains to ensure that the final product is non-GMO.

What is the current market for IBCAA?

IBCAA is a semi-processed product in Europe, so the tax is high. The overall market volume of BCAAs is declining. But the tax on BCAA monomer is very low. Therefore, the amount of European monomers is gradually increasing. BCAA has about 12% tax.

In 2018, the supply of the BCAA market was tight. Because one of the raw materials of BCAA is fermented leucine, Fufeng is the main supplier. Therefore, if Fufeng supplies less fermented leucine, it will directly affect the supply of BCAA by other factories.

What is IBCAA and Instant L Leucine Instant Fat?

Both IBCAA and instant lecithin are instantized with sunflower lecithin.

Does Nutri Avenue use wet or dry granulation?

Both dry and wet granulation methods are used. (only lecithin is liquid)

In the case of dry granulation, cooling and drying are performed after granulation. The purpose of these two steps is to remove moisture.

In the case of wet granulation, lecithin is added by mixing.

How to monitor the lecithin concentration in the final formulation?

Each batch is tested for lecithin concentration.

What is the particle size distribution of IBCAA products?

(d10, d50, d90) 40 mesh

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