Idebenone: An Antioxidant Compound For Optimum Brain


Idebenone: An Antioxidant Compound For Optimum Brain

The synthetic coenzyme Q10 analog Idebenone has been subjected to in-depth clinical studies across Europe and several laboratories in the United States. Although it has not received recognition from the United States Food and Drug Association as a potential medication for various nervous system diseases, it has been approved in Europe as a treatment for a disease known as Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy. Idebenone is a man-made compound shown to have similar effects as that of the useful health supplement ingredient Coenzyme Q10. It is primarily indicated for the prevention of several lifestyle-associated conditions but its effects on Diabetes Mellitus has not yet been established. Safety issues on Idebenone use are also among the subjects of current clinical researches.

What is Idebenone?

The compound Idebenone is classified as a man-made antioxidant. On the theory that it works through detoxification processes, many experts have determined certain claims on the potential health effects of the compound. It has been said that the compound Idebenone may work in preventing rapid aging of cells as it helps eliminate circulating free radicals which usually destroy minute cellular structures. Scientists also say that Idebenone supplementation can be a useful preventive measure for several types of cancers by preventing genetic mutations and oxidative stress among body cells. Along with other antioxidant compounds included in health supplement fomulations, Idebenone is believed to promote overall health and wellness.

What are the benefits of using Idebenone?

Many other health benefits affecting the nervous system and the psychological responses of human beings have been established on the compound Idebenone. Some of the most well-known uses of Idebenone for individual users include the following:

  • It may help improve learning

Idebenone, according to clinical researches, may work as a nootropic compound as it is observed to improve learning abilities including memory, concentration, and focus among individuals subjected to quantitative researches. Some studies conducted on animal subjects also show that it may effectively enhances reaction time. The compound is used in the treatment of certain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease in several cases but it is not shown to be completely effective.

  • It increases circulation in the brain

Researchers also say that the compound has certain metabolic effects in the human brain. Idebenone helps enhance blood circulation towards the brain, thereby improving brain responses and overall brain function. Increased circulation towards the brain also helps prevent rapid degeneration of brain cells.

  • It may prevent depression

Although limited qualitative studies are available to prove the antidepressant effects of Idebenone, many experts say that the compound may effectively work as it helps improve production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. The finding is subject to deeper clinical studies.


Idebenone is now included in various health supplement products indicated for adult and elderly individuals. Despite the lack of concrete proof as to its efficiency, it is believed to be very useful.

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