Ingredient Powder Prices Update: Potassium Iodide Is On Sale

ingredient powder prices KI

Ingredient Powder Prices Update: Potassium Iodide Is On Sale

It is now the fourth quarter of 2022, and the new year is just around the corner. Most raw materials manufacturers currently carry promotional plans to achieve the yearly sale target. In addition, given the economic situation at home and abroad and the status quo of the global epidemic, how have ingredient powder prices developed? Is now the best time to buy?

What Are The Recent US & China Economic Policies?

In recent months, the movements of the dollar and the RMB have attracted much attention and have been accompanied by many different speculations.

The People’s Bank of China has been easing interest rates to help the Chinese economy recover from the COVID policy. But the Fed is raising interest rates in an attempt to control inflation. Due to the different monetary policies of China and the United States, the widening gap has made it difficult for China’s monetary easing policy to maintain its economy.

rmb and dollar policies

Does The Devaluation of The RMB Have A Positive Impact on China?

In some ways, the answer is yes – a weaker currency could make Chinese exports cheaper.

But, because of COVID, the impact of exports alone on the Chinese economy is not enough. Moreover, the central bank also needs to rely on the rapid devaluation of the RMB to attract more and more good foreign investment while avoiding large-scale capital outflows. It may also influence Chinese consumers by pushing foreigners to spend in China. And once borders reopen, it will be more expensive for Chinese to travel abroad.

For the sake of clarifying the scope of the strategy, the Chinese government emphasized that China wants to make the RMB more internationalized and market-oriented through short-term measures rather than controlling the long-term value of the RMB.

Traders bet the Fed will pull out of policy, thus causing the dollar to fall, retreating from the 7.2 level. However, the stronger-than-expected US jobs report suggested the Fed will continue its current tightening policy. Currently, the exchange rate is 7.3 (as of today). This data can be seen that the RMB continues to be under pressure and the US dollar continues to dominate.

chinese economic situation

Has The Domestic Raw Material Market Improved?

In 2022, the epidemic will recur. In the past three months, various cities have been locked down due to the epidemic, which has led to sluggish domestic consumption and a sluggish economy in China. In October, Chinese manufacturers and raw material factories still hope to reduce their inventory problems greatly. Here are the latest industry trends this week, including ingredient powder prices, store, etc., from Nutri Avenue:

  1. Ascorbic Acid manufacturers or factories in China have closed in the third quarter of 2022 to regulate supply and demand. As we’re heading into the fourth quarter, Ascorbic Acid powder, which is vitamin C, is well stocked at an attractive price.
  2. The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. The radioactive iodine problem caused by the war aroused everyone’s attention. Potassium Iodide Powder, also known as KI, is the same ingredient. KI can effectively reduce the risk of developing thyroid cancer in individuals or groups with inhaled radioactive iodine. At present, this product has a high degree of attention in the market, and there are many inquiries and transactions.
  3. Carnitine product variety. The low-price promotions of Acetyl L Carnitine Powder and Carnitine Base bulk powder are still in full swing. The supplier has sufficient quantity and a favorable price.
  4. Creatine Mono powder is an inexpensive and effective sports ingredient powder. Creatine Monohydrate Powder 99% is a classic among creatine products. There are currently two sizes: 200mesh and 80mesh. Among them, 200mesh is presently very popular in the United States. The stock of creatine monohydrate powder is mainly in the California warehouse.
  5. The coming winter will lead to rising energy and food costs and global resource shortages. This situation is especially obvious in Europe. And the problem could be further complicated if gas rationing is in place in Europe due to reduced or no gas supply from Russia. Factories may have to close as a result. Nutri Avenue, at this moment, advises our dear customers to meet their needs in the last quarter of 2022 and 2023 as soon as possible through reliable suppliers. We have a large buffer stock in the US and can guarantee delivery with a stable supply chain department.
Carnitine ingredient sale

Ingredient Powder Prices Update – Vitamin

B vitamin Price

B Vitamin series ingredient powder prices have been reduced to all-time lows.

  • Vitamin B1 price

Also called thiamine. Inventory is plentiful, and prices drop.

  • Vitamin B2 price

Also called riboflavin. Price is stable. Solid availability, such as:

  1. It promotes development and cell regeneration.
  2. It is a good ingredient for preventing and eliminating oral reproductive syndrome.
  3. It promotes the body’s absorption of iron and prevents anemia.
  4. It protects eyesight and relieves eye fatigue.
  5. It protects heart health, etc.
  • Vitamin B3 price

Also called niacinamide. Increased demand but stable prices.

ingredient powder stock

Also known as D-Cal Pan, pantothenic acid. Many vitamin B5 manufacturers have begun cutting costs, but some factories still maintain high prices. Usability improvements such as:

  1. It improves skin barrier ability.
  2. It improves rough skin.
  3. It can maintain energy and normal metabolism.
  4. It contributes to body fat, cholesterol synthesis, and amino acid metabolism.

Also called pyridoxine. There is inventory, and prices have a downward trend.

  • Vitamin B7 price

Also called biotin. Inventories are plentiful, and prices are softening.

  • Vitamin B9 price

Also known as Folic Acid. The market remains stable, so the Folic Acid price is still stable.

  • Vitamin B12 price

Also, search for cobalamin, cyano, methyl, hydroxyl, and adenosylcobalamin, all of which is vitamin B12. Market prices are showing early signs of weakness.

ingredient powder prices

Other Vitamin Series Prices

  • Vitamin A price

Other names are retinol or retinoic acid. Prices are stable, and availability has improved, such as:

  1. It helps with night blindness and vision loss.
  2. It can assist the immune system in functioning properly and improve resistance.
  3. It can protect the skin.
  • Vitamin D price

Prices remained relatively stable with less volatility.

  • Vitamin E price

Vitamin E comes in two forms – synthetic and natural.

Synthetic vitamin E uses petroleum and turpentine as raw materials and uses artificial synthesis to produce vitamin E with the same components. Currently, oil and powder prices are still high, but stocks are good.

Natural vitamin E is extracted and refined from some natural plants such as soybean, rapeseed, and wheat germ as raw materials. Prices of raw vegetable oil distillates continued to trend upward, and supplies began to tighten. In addition, Ukraine and Russia are the main countries that grow sunflowers. But the current state of war between the two countries is putting pressure on sunflower-based vitamin E. Therefore, the Price of natural vitamin E continues to rise.

The ingredient prices constantly fluctuate for various reasons. You can contact Nutri Avenue for a quote if you are currently looking for an ingredient or a similar product with a specific function.

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