Ingredients Market Report June 2022

Ingredients Market Report July 2022

We have an important announcement this June. U.S ban on imports from Xinjiang now takes effect, The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Action( UFLPA) has announced on 21st of June. U.S. Practices and Border Protection has said they are all set to implement the new border control system. Xinjian Import Ban was signed into law in December 2021. The rule bars import of all goods from Xinjian where Chinese specialists established detention camps for Uyghurs and other Muslim groups until it can be proven. The added scrutiny will require more resources and a chance to process importer’s paperwork, the US government said in a statement. You can find out more about UFPLA on the U.S. Practices and Border Protection Website. 

Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbates:

Beneficial weakness with the short- term

In the market while Chinese producers look to lessen stock levels which may have been setting up due to the strict lockdowns of the last two several weeks.

Buyers needs to be more focused in the outlook for 2023, in which the situation becomes much extra concerning.

1. Chinese Ascorbic producers will shut down pertaining to 60– 90 days for the Jul– Sep 2022 period to regulate supply and demand.

2. The war between Ukraine and Russia goes on into winter, just what will manifest in to the corn supply? Ukraine and Russia are the leading among five countries that produce corn globally. If their supply loses out right at the end of this year, ascorbic pricing will likely be sharply up in 2023.

3. Because of growing energy costs and global disadvantages, we expect a difficult winter time in the next few months. The zero COVID policy technique must be abandoned by China.

Ingredients Market Report June/July 2022

and this assumes no undersirable environment compounding an already difficult circumstance.

Most of us advise our customers to pay their Q2 needs immediately with reliable vendors who keep large buffer stocks within the year and can promise deliveries as getting chain availability in the industry is precarious. The upside risk is much bigger than the downside risk of delaying the purchase until 2022.

B Vitamin Category Update:

The lockdown in Chinese suppliers has been lifted, but  vitamins are still affected. The selection will be limited.

Thiamine( vitamin B1)

Ingredients Market price July 2022

Prices have stabilized, but at higher prices. Pricing could trend upwards during the short- term  because of tight local supply.


The outcome of Chinese companies is fixed. Prices are hoped for to remain high.

If demand drops and extra capacity comes outside China, it will stabilize and decrease.

Arginine& citrulline

Goods Chinese manufacturers are experiencing less with regard to many as prices are softening.


Necessities is falling and costs pursue to soften.


Chinese manufacturers are positive.

Prices are softening and demand is less. How Fufeng will be afflicted by the upcoming Xinjiang sanction will count on how it is impacted.

supplements Market Report July 2022

Citric Acid 

America production has had sell outs, but sales remain firm. With the global corn price moving forward to trade higher, the citric market has remained firm vs. 2021 levels. Although spot variety has increased, it looks short- term- lived as containers will struggle to reach america this summer.


Associated with synthetic caffeine remains unrevised

Lead times from Chinese producers are over 120 days coming from order to delivery. It ‘s extremely difficult to find natural the level of caffeine.

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