2023 New Year Ingredients Price Is Valid Through Jan/20th

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Popular Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredients NameMarket PriceStock Place
Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder/Granule$88-98/kgUSA
Alpha GPC 50% Powder$53-59/kgUSA
PQQ, NutriPQQ® Powder$1850-2100/kgUSA
Epicatechin powder, Epicatelean®$380-398/kgUSA

New Year’s Special Recommended Ingredient – PEA Bulk Powder

Palmitoylethanolamide powder, simply called PEA, stimulates PPAR α. PPAR alpha is an anti-inflammatory, energy-boosting, and fat-burning receptor. By stimulating this receptor, palmitoylethanolamide inhibits the release of various inflammatory substances and the action of pro-inflammatory genes, thereby reducing inflammation. It also triggers the regulation of lipid metabolism.

This bulk raw ingredient is in stock in the US. But the market price gap is large. The price range is about $44-80/kg. Nutri Avenue also offers PEA bulk powder at a lower price than the market price. Welcome to get a free quote now.

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