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Apocynin Powder

Product Name Apocynin Powder
Sell Because of the unsure FDA policy, Nutri Avenue has decided not to sell Apocynin from now on.
CAS Number 498-02-2
Molecular Formula HOC6H3(OCH3)COCH3
Molecular Weight 166.17 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Apocynin Powder


Because of the uncertain FDA policy, we regret to inform you that Nutri Avenue has decided to suspend the sale of this ingredient. It’s so sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Once there is the latest news, we will update and inform you in time.

The following information is available for you who are interested in this ingredient to study and research Apocynin powder. Nutri Avenue will also try our best to find the best Apocynin alternatives for you. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Is Apocynin FDA-Approval?

Apocynin is a natural product derived from the roots of Picrorhiza kurroa and is not FDA-approved as a drug. It has been studied for its potential health benefits, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and potential treatment for a variety of conditions, including respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders. Further research is needed to determine its safety and effectiveness as a therapeutic agent.

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