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Arachidonic Acid


Product Name Arachidonic Acid
Other Names Arachidonate
CAS Number 506-32-1
Molecular Formula  C20H32O2,
Molecular Weight 304.47 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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What Is Arachidonic Acid?

Arachidonic acid derives its name from the Latin word “Arachis,” meaning peanuts. Contrary to its name, this fatty acid is not abundant in peanuts. It is primarily synthesized by most mammals, with some having a limited ability to convert linoleic acid into arachidonic acid. Linoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, serves as its precursor.

In humans, arachidonic acid is synthesized through the saturation and elongation of linoleic acid. It is an essential unsaturated fatty acid crucial for bodily functions.

Bulk Arachidonic Acid Specification Sheet


Food additives


Colorless to pale yellow liquid




Kosher, Halal, GMP, etc.

Active Ingredient


Test Methods

GCMS, Small Molecule

MOQ (minimum order quantity)



Available (10-20g/bag)

OEM Service

Available, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

ODM Service


Private Label


Contract Manufacturing


General Arachidonic Acid Production Process

The following steps were taken to produce Arachidonic acid powder.

  1. Stir and heat the fatty acids for thirty minutes, then allow them to cool.
  2. After the filtering process, clean the layer in a funnel using distilled water.
  3. Approximately 70 cc of a rather thick yellow oily liquid remain after drying and filtering the fatty acid.
  4. Proceed to encapsulation. Upon removing part of the oil, the consistency of arachidonic acid becomes significantly harder, initially being quite mushy. Spread the arachidonic acid on a tray to dry for 36 hours.

Arachidonic Acid Manufacturing Flow Chart

Arachidonic Acid Benefits & Uses

Discover the versatile benefits: fueling heart health, hormonal balance, and cellular rejuvenation.

Heart Regulation

Arachidonic acid and LTC4 regulate heart function independently, impacting cardiac excitability through T-type K+ channels.

Neuroendocrine Role

It stimulates hormone secretion in key tissues like the pituitary and placenta, influencing various hormones such as oxytocin and insulin.

Cell Growth Promotion

It aids cell division in muscle and immune cells, fostering tissue growth.

Blood Flow Control

It derivatives induce vessel dilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation, crucial for circulatory health.

Arachidonic Acid Powder Applications

Empowering Your Products with Arachidonic Acid Powder

“Revolutionize your formulations with arachidonic acid: a catalyst for growth, resilience, and vitality in the health and nutrition industry.”

Enhanced Nutritional Support

Arachidonic acid is crucial for fetal and infant development, especially in the nervous system and retina. It’s commonly used in supplements for expecting mothers and infant formula. Found naturally in breast milk, its consistent presence is vital for early growth.

Boosting Fish Health 

Enriched fish feed containing arachidonic acid is essential for optimal fish growth, reproduction, and immune function. This feed addresses specific needs at different stages of the fish lifecycle, ensuring resilience and quality.

Who Needs Arachidonic Acid as Nutrition Supplement Most?

Ensuring the optimal health and development of infants is a top priority for every family. Understanding their unique nutritional requirements, especially the key elements that promote their healthy growth and development, is paramount. Arachidonic acid, along with its companion DHA, is recognized as crucial long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for the development of the brain and retina, as well as for the comprehensive growth and overall well-being of children. Particularly noteworthy is the often-overlooked role of arachidonic acid for vegetarians. Yet, its presence in breast milk and its positive accumulation during pregnancy and early infancy strongly demonstrate its importance. For infants, the stable presence of arachidonic acid in breast milk and its positive impact on various tissues throughout the body further support its status as a vital nutrient for human health.

Arachidonic Acid Metabolites’ Physiological Roles

Arachidonic acid metabolism usually varies from cell to cell according to different factors. Inflammatory cells let out arachidonic acid, which can be turned into biologically active stuff like PGs, leukotrienes, epoxyeicosatrienoic acids, and hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids. Metabolism of Arachidonic acid by COX-1 or COX-2 is an essential step in synthesizing prostanoids and is probably the most researched pathway of Arachidonic acid metabolism.

Is Arachidonic Acid FDA-Approved?

Arachidonic Acid has been recognized as safe (GRAS) under current FDA guidelines.

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The arachidonic acid pathway involves the release of arachidonic acid from cell membranes, followed by its conversion into bioactive lipid mediators such as prostaglandins, thromboxanes, and leukotrienes. These mediators regulate inflammation, immune response, and other physiological processes.

Arachidonic acid (ARA) is essential for bodily functions, including cell structure and immune response. While necessary, excessive ARA intake or imbalance with omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to inflammation. Overall, moderation and balance are key for its optimal benefits.

Arachidonic acid, found in peanuts, plays crucial roles in brain and visual development, enhancing intelligence and visual acuity. It also aids in esterifying cholesterol, improving vascular elasticity, reducing blood viscosity, and regulating blood cell function. Moreover, it’s beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and tumors.

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