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Arginine Nitrate Powder

Product Name Arginine Nitrate Powder
Other names arginine nitrate, l-arginine nitrate, and arginine mononitrate
CAS number 223253-05-2
Molecular Formula C6H15N5O5
Molecular Weight 237.21 g/ mol
Specifications Arginine Nitrate 99% powder and L-arginine nitrate (2:1)
Appearance/color White powder
Benefits Muscle building, blood flow, hair growth
Applications Dietary Supplement Products
Package 1kg, 25kg/drum


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Arginine Nitrate Powder

What is Arginine Nitrate?

Arginine Nitrate CAS number is 223253-05-2


Arginine Nitrate is an arginine compound known to help increase arginine levels in the body. It is beneficial among athletes and bodybuilders as it efficiently boosts protein synthesis and enhances blood flow towards muscle areas during workouts. Recent studies also show that the compound may have specific effects in accelerating hair growth.

The compound is also referred to in the dietary supplement field as arginine nitrate, l-arginine nitrate, and arginine mononitrate. Its CAS number is 223253-05-2, and its molecular formula is C6H15N5O5. Arginine Nitrate’s molecular weight is 237.21 g/mol.

Arginine Nitrate VS Arginine

Arginine CAS number 74-79-3


The compound Arginine refers to the naturally occurring amino acid that is found in meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. It is described as having CAS number 74-79-3, molecular formula of C6H14N4O2, and molecular weight of 174.20 g/mol.

While the benefits of using Arginine Nitrate and Arginine are similar, these compounds are different as the former has a nitrate molecule in its structure.

Arginine HCl C6H15ClN4O2



Arginine HCl, another common arginine compound, is also different from Arginine nitrate as they have different identifiers. The CAS number of Arginine HCl is 15595-35-4 and its molecular formula is C6H15ClN4O2. In contrast, the CAS number and molecular formula of Arginine Nitrate are 223253-05-2 and C6H15N5O5, respectively.



Arginine Nitrate Original Sources

Arginine Nitrate is synthetically produced and not found in natural sources. However, its free base compound, arginine, may be found in various nuts such as hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, and oats, corn, cereals, and buckwheat. It may also be found in meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.

Arginine Nitrate Original Sources

Arginine Nitrate Forms and Specifications

The most common forms of the product available in the market include Arginine Nitrate 99% powder and L-arginine nitrate (2:1).

At Nutriavenue, we offer Arginine nitrate in both forms in bulk or lesser quantities. We usually use white kraft carbon boxes for 25-kilogram pack sizes for wholesale purchases or paper bags for purchases in lesser quantities. Our products may be shipped to your location through the air, sea, or couriers like FedEx and UPS.

To maintain product quality, we suggest that you keep the product tightly sealed and store the same in a cool place.

Popular Nitric Oxide Ingredients

rapid muscle growth NutriAvenue

Nitric oxide, also known as nitrogen monoxide, is an important compound that performs important chemical signaling functions in humans. Accordingly, nitric oxide plays a vital role in the dilation and constricting of blood vessels. This means that oxygen and nutrient flow through blood circulation is partly dependent on nitric oxide supply in the body.

Boosting nitric oxide levels is helpful for the circulatory system as it allows efficient blood flow towards specific body regions. In addition, increased nitric oxide may provide effective oxygenation and nutrient supply in muscle groups for athletes and bodybuilders. This leads to rapid muscle growth.

Several ingredients in dietary supplements are known to increase nitric oxide levels. These include L-arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Norvalline, and Beetroot.

GPLC vs. Arginine Nitrate

GPLC or Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine is a compound found in studies to elevate levels of nitric oxide metabolites significantly. It is claimed to enhance anaerobic work capacity and sports performance. GPLC is described as having CAS number 2545987-45-7, the molecular formula of C12H24N2O6, and a molecular weight of 292.33 g/mol.

Like Arginine Nitrate, GPLC is also believed to increase nitric oxide levels. However, while arginine is converted into nitric oxide when introduced into the body, GPLC is not. Hence, Arginine Nitrate, for some manufacturers, may be a better choice,

L-Citrulline vs. Arginine Nitrate

L-citrulline is another naturally-occurring amino acid found in watermelons, bitter gourds, squash, and other food sources. It is converted into L-arginine when taken into the body. L-Citrulline is described as having CAS number 372-75-8, molecular formula of C6H13N3O3, and molecular weight of 175.19 g/mol.

L-Citrulline, like Arginine Nitrate, increases nitric oxide levels. This is because it is converted into L-arginine in the body. However, in terms of bioavailability, L-citrulline is more bioavailable than Arginine Nitrate.

Arginine Nitrate and Viagra

Studies show that combining Viagra or Sildenafil with Arginine Nitrate may synergize the compounds’ effects in treating erectile dysfunction. However, it was also found that combining Arginine Nitrate and Viagra may significantly reduce blood pressure. Hence, the use of combined Arginine Nitrate and Viagra should be taken under a physician’s recommendation.

Arginine Nitrate Safety

Arginine nitrate supplementation is safe and effective for individual users as long as it is taken within recommended doses.

How does Arginine Nitrate Work?

Arginine Nitrate works primarily by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide effectively dilates blood vessels and enhances blood flow towards specific body areas needing oxygenation and nutrient supply. Hence, Arginine Nitrate may be used in the pre-workout phase to prepare the body and increase nitric oxide levels during workout performances.

Arginine Nitrate Manufacturing Process

Arginine Nitrate is manufactured through advanced laboratory procedures at Nutriavenue. For a detailed explanation of how the product is produced and the raw materials used in its production, you may send a request through email.

Arginine Nitrate Benefits

Among the benefits of using Arginine Nitrate include the following:

  • For muscle pump & blood flow

Essentially, Arginine Nitrate increases nitric oxide levels, resulting in increased blood flow. As a result, during workouts, blood flow towards the muscles increases to maintain healthy nutrients and oxygen supply in muscle regions.

  • For athletic performance

By maintaining adequate oxygen and nutrient supply in muscle groups during workouts, Arginine nitrate effectively enhances athletic performance. It allows athletes and bodybuilders to perform workouts for longer periods without feeling exhausted.

  • For hair growth

Studies also show that Arginine nitrate may affect hair growth as it allows efficient nutrient supply to the hair roots. Thus, it accelerates hair growth.

Arginine Nitrate for hair growth

Arginine Nitrate Side Effects

Using Arginine Nitrate in dietary supplement products is not associated with serious side effects.

Arginine Nitrate Dosage

The recommended dosage for Arginine Nitrate depends on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.


Q1: Is l-arginine a nitrate?

No, it is an amino acid.

Q2: How much arginine nitrate to take?

It depends on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Q3: Where to buy bulk Arginine Nitrate powder

If you are looking for legitimate L-arginine nitrate powder wholesalers, then Nutriavenue is the best option for you.

Nutriavenue manufactures three types of high-quality arginine nitrate powders. We are among the competent FDA-registered L-arginine nitrate powder suppliers who are recognized by entities like Kosher, Halal, and GMP. We have factories in several regions across the US and we supply ingredients to both small and big dietary supplement manufacturers. We are also third-party tested by laboratories that are ISO-certified.

Our company also offers discounts for bulk purchases. In addition, upon request, you may also avail yourself of free samples.

You may request a quotation on different quantities and specifications by emailing us. For queries, you may also contact our customer support staff.


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