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Product Name Bromomethyl

Other Name

METHOXYMETHYL BROMIDE; BROMOMETHYL METHYL ETHER; Bromo(methoxy)methane; bromomethoxy-methan; Ether, bromomethyl methyl; Methane, bromomethoxy-; BROMOMETHYL METHYL ETHER, TECH., 90%; BMME; Methoxymethylbromide
CAS Number 13057-17-5
Molecular Formula C2H5BrO
Molecular Weight 124.97
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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What is Bromomethyl?

A chemical molecule called bromomethyl is employed in many different industrial applications. It is used in supplements because of possible medicinal qualities like antifungal and antibacterial actions. It is added to some formulations to increase how well the product promotes health and well-being.

Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula: Potentially CH2Br, contingent upon the specific molecular structure.

Molecular Weight: Varies according to the specific molecular structure.

Appearance: Can manifest as a colorless liquid, solid, or gas, contingent upon the specific compound.

Density: Depends on the specific compound, typically measured in g/mL.

Boiling Point: Varies according to the specific compound, usually measured in degrees Celsius (°C).

Melting Point: Varies according to the specific compound, usually expressed in degrees Celsius (°C).

Solubility: Solubility in water, ability to dissolve in organic solvents, etc., varies depending on the compound.

Stability: May exhibit chemical instability, particularly in the presence of light or heat.

Reactivity: May be sensitive to oxygen, water, acids, or bases, and may undergo addition or substitution reactions.

Hazards: May possess toxic, corrosive, or flammable properties.

Benefits of Bromomethyl

To preserve OH groups as their methoxymethyl (MOM) ethers, bromomethyl methyl ether is employed as a reagent. The macrocyclic immunosuppressant FK-506, which has carbons 18 to 35, is used in the enantiocontrolled production of an intermediate. The synthesis of 1-methoxymethyl-4-tritylthio-2-azetidinone employed it.

How to Maximise the Properties of Bromomethyl

Purification: Ensure the purity of methyl bromide to improve efficacy.

Optimize formulations: Try different ingredients for specific needs.

Stabilization: Maintaining the integrity of methyl bromide over time.

Compatibility Testing: Ensure it works well with other substances.

Application Techniques: Finding the best way to use methyl bromide.

Safety Precautions: Follow safety measures when handling.

Regulatory Compliance: Comply with legal use regulations.

Application of Bromomethyl in different industries

Many industries, such as organic synthesis, agrochemicals, and medicines, require a lot of bromomethyl cyclobutane. Because of its adaptability, it is a crucial part of these industries.

Precautions and Safety for using Bromomethyl

Steer clear of skin, eyes, and clothing contact. Before reading and comprehending all safety instructions, do not handle  Bromomethyl. 

Where to Buy Bulk Bromomethyl: Sourcing Guide

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