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Cistanche Deserticola Extract

Chemical Name: Cistanche Tubulosa Extract/

Cistanche Deserticola Extract

CAS Number: 82854-37-3
Packaging: In paper-drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Net weight: 25kg/drum
Main Benefits: Cistanche tubulosa extract are primarily aimed at the promotion of aphrodisiac effects
Application: Dietary Supplement


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Cistanche Deserticola Extract

Cistanche Deserticola Extract

— A Unique Source of Echinacoside and Acetoside for Enhanced Sexual Health

Cistanche Deserticola Extract is among the unique dietary supplement ingredients that contain high amounts of essential bioactive compounds. Essentially, the compound Echinacoside in the product is known to improve overall health and support testosterone production while the compound Acteoside promotes learning and cognitive abilities. Cistanche Deserticola Extract also helps prevent hair loss.


What is Cistanche Deserticola Extract?

The product Cistanche Deserticola Extract is obtained from the perennial hardy, a shrub-like herb commonly known as desert-broomrape or desert ginger. The plant Cistanche Deserticola has long been used in Traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in many Asian countries, to promote strength and energy, improve cognition, and support testosterone production. Recent medical research on the product and its bioactive constituents has later confirmed some of the claimed benefits associated with its use.

The Cistanche Deserticola Extract, which is also known as cistanche tubulosa, standardized cistanche, desert cistanche, cistanche extract, cistanche deserticola, cistanche powder, cistanche deserticola extract, cong rong cistanche, and cistanche salsa extract, may be purchased from various ingredient suppliers online. It has a yellowish to brownish powder appearance.

Constituents of Cistanche Deserticola Extract

Among the major constituent compounds of Cistanche deserticola Extract are phenylethanol glycosides (PhGs), iridoids, lignans, and oligosaccharides. The product may also contain relative amounts of polysaccharides. However, the key ingredients in the product which are primarily responsible for the health benefits of the same are the compounds Echinacoside and Acetoside.


Cistanche Deserticola vs. Cistanche Tubulosa

Cistanche tubulosa is also a desert plant that is traditionally used in the management of various illnesses. It is primarily used as an alternative to Cistanche deserticola.

While some of the compounds found in Cistanche Deserticola are also found in Cistanche Tubulosa, more studies are available to back up claims associated with the former, as compared to the latter. Thus, despite the similarities in health effects, most manufacturers prefer the use of Cistanche deserticola over Cistanche tubulosa.


The compound Echinacoside is a phenylethanoid glycoside that is believed to play vital role in improving cognitive and sexual health. It is described as having CAS number 82854-37-3 and molecular formula C35H46O20.

Echinacoside powder is brownish in appearance.



Another compound in Cistanche Deserticola which is currently gaining interest in the pharmaceutical field is the compound Acetoside or Acteoside. According to recent researches, the said compound may contribute to skin health, along with other benefits including improved cognition in men and women.

The compound Acetoside or Acteoside is identified through its CAS number 61276-17-3 and molecular formula C29H36O15. The product is also popularly known as Verbascoside.

Cistanche Deserticola Forms and Specifications

Among the most common forms of Cistanche deserticola which are used in the formulation of dietary supplement products is Rou Cong Rong 5:1 Extract, 5:1 Concentrate, Cistanche extract 10:1, and Minimum 50% Echinacoside + 15% Acetoside. Most manufacturers of these ingredients also offer custom standardized forms to meet the needs of customers.

At Nutriavenue, we offer a wide range of Cistanche deserticola forms which you may avail of at very affordable prices. We offer the said product in bulk or lesser quantities. When bought in bulk, we usually pack the product in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. Upon request, you may also avail of different packaging materials.

Epimedium, Lycium, Morinda, and Cistanche

The plant species Epimedium, Lycium, Morinda, and Cistanche are all individual components of traditional Chinese Medicine which has been used in the early days to manage various illnesses. In general, these herbs have certain effects in improving sexual health, as well as in enhancing the overall quality of life. Manufacturers usually use the said herbs in combination or independently for dietary supplement products.


How does Cistanche Deserticola Extract Work?

In one study, it was found that the compounds in Cistanche Deserticola improve sexual health by supporting testosterone synthesis. Essentially, it was explained that the product triggers the release of testicular steroidogenic enzymes which are among the factors in testosterone synthesis.

The extract is also found to possess antioxidant properties. This means that it helps slow down cellular aging, including neurons, thereby preventing rapid brain aging and the development of symptoms associated with cellular degeneration.


Cistanche Deserticola Health Benefits

The following are among the health benefits of using Cistanche Deserticola Extract dietary supplements:

  • It increases testosterone levels.

Studies have long revealed that the product Cistanche Deserticola has potential effects in increasing testosterone levels in men. Thus, it is beneficial in improving overall sexual health.

  • It may be used for bodybuilding.

Experts also say that as a testosterone booster, Cistanche Deserticola may effectively support bodybuilding and enhance the development of lean muscle mass. Hence, it is ideal for use not only among adult men but also among athletes and bodybuilders.

  • It may be used for erectile dysfunction.

An important piece of research on Cistanche Deserticola and its health effects shows that it may shorten erectile latency and prolong erectile duration. Thus, the product is believed to help manage erectile dysfunction which affects a great proportion of the male population.

Cistanche Deserticola Side Effects

When taken within recommended doses, Cistanche Deserticola is not necessarily associated with side effects. However, some users may experience mild symptoms involving the gastrointestinal tract. If serious symptoms occur, users should discontinue the use of the product and immediately consult their physician.


Cistanche Deserticola Dosage

The recommended daily intake for Cistanche Deserticola depends on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition. Women who are pregnant or lactating, as well as those who are suffering from certain medical conditions, are advised to consult their physicians before using the product.

Where to Buy Bulk Cistanche Deserticola Extract Powder?

If you are looking for an ideal supplier for Cistanche Deserticola Extract Powder bulk purchases, Nutriavenue is a perfect choice.

Nutriavenue is an FDA-registered ingredient supplier which is also recognized by entities like Kosher, Halal, and GMP. We offer high-quality and affordable products in bulk purchases or purchases in lesser quantities.

We also offer shipping services through the air, sea, or couriers like UPS and FedEx. The rates for shipping may vary depending on the weight of the products you purchase and your location.

If you have any questions about our products or purchases or if you intend to avail of a free quote, you may contact our technical support staff.

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