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Cordyceps Extract

Product Name Cordyceps Extract
Active Ingredients Nucleoside, polysaccharide, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide
CAS Number 73-03-0
Molecular Formula C10H13N5O3
Molecular Weight 251.25
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps extract, derived from natural ingredients, holds promising potential in bolstering immunity by activating cells and specific chemicals within the immune system. Furthermore, it may exhibit anti-cancer properties, aiding in the combat against cancer cells and reducing tumor size, particularly in cases of lung or skin cancers. However, acquiring natural cordyceps can pose challenges due to its rarity and potential expense.

What is Cordyceps Extract?

Certain caterpillars in China’s high mountain regions are home to a fungus called cordyceps. It’s occasionally used as a medication. The majority of supplements contain lab-made cordyceps. While cordyceps is commonly called a mushroom, the variety grown in laboratories does not produce mushrooms. Natural cordyceps can be costly and difficult to obtain.

The most prevalent uses for it are for sports performance, kidney illnesses, liver issues, and sexual problems; however, these claims are not well-supported by scientific research.

Active Ingredients

Numerous bioactive substances, such as polysaccharides, sterols, proteins, nucleosides, amino acids, and polypeptides, have been determined in Cordyceps sinensis.

Common Sources

The composite genus of fungus known as Cordyceps grows on insect larvae. Based on their fungal and insect host, more than 350 Cordyceps-related species have been discovered worldwide.

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USDA Certified Organic Oregon Kosher Certified

Active Ingredient

nucleoside, polysaccharide, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide

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Natural & Lab-Grown Cordyceps Comparison

Natural cordyceps are typically far more expensive than the lab-grown kind because of their labor-intensive collection method and restricted availability. Lab-grown cordyceps provide a more affordable and readily available choice for individuals looking for its possible health benefits. Furthermore, some contend that although lab-grown Cordyceps yield a regulated and uniform product, the conventional wisdom around natural Cordyceps, shaped by the plant’s interactions with its caterpillar host, may offer unique health benefits that lab cultivation cannot fully duplicate.

How Does It Work?

A genus of parasitic fungi called Cordyceps grows on insect larvae. After attacking their host, these fungi replace the tissue with long, thin stems that protrude outside the host’s body. Traditional Chinese Medicine has utilized the manually gathered and dried remains of insects and fungi for millennia to cure ailments such as exhaustion, illness, low libido, and renal disease.

The numerous alleged health benefits of cordyceps extract have led to the popularity of supplements and items containing it.,exercise%20(%201%20%2C%202).

Potential Health Benefits

  1. Could Reduce High Blood Pressure

This extract has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that aid in preventing or treating hyperlipidemia, a disorder characterized by elevated blood fat levels or lipids. It has been linked to potent anti-inflammatory properties. These advantages are typically associated with cordycepin, one of its constituents. This extract is regarded as a potentially effective anti-inflammatory medication because of its striking structural similarity to adenosine, a brain neurotransmitter required for fat metabolism.

  1. Could Encourage Proper Aging

Your body ages once it has finished growing, developing, and maturing. Your body begins to deteriorate gradually as your tissues and organs start their average decline. This is thought to be caused by oxidative stress, which is influenced by various variables (genetics, activity, food, etc.).

  1. Could Aid in Controlling Menopausal Weight Gain

Cordycepin, adenine, and guanosine are among the compounds in cordyceps that may have the ability to control menopause-related pathways and obesity.

  1. Potential to Boost Immunity

This extract has been demonstrated to boost the immune system by increasing the generation and activation of different immune cells.

  1. Boost Your Sports Performance

According to one study, after three weeks of daily supplementation, young adults’ maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) increased progressively. These findings suggested to researchers that this extract may raise an athlete’s tolerance for high-intensity exercise.

  1. Aid Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

One of its active components is cordycepin, which has been linked to antidiabetic effects in animal models. According to a recent analysis of numerous studies, gene regulation may cause cordycepin’s possible impact on diabetes.

Industry Applications and Uses

  • Complementary and alternative medicine

Many people utilize it as a natural energy enhancer. In addition, proponents assert that cordyceps can guard against kidney illnesses, high blood pressure, exhaustion, upper respiratory infections, inflammation, and other health problems. Some herbalists also think that this extract can increase libido, or desire for sex, reduce aging, and prevent cancer.

Standard Dosage and Usage

A daily dosage of 1,000–3,000 mg is frequently employed in human studies. This range has been discovered to have some health benefits and is not linked to any adverse effects.

Safety and Side Effects

If used in amounts of 3-6 grams per day for up to a year, it may be safe for the majority of people. It may result in moderate side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

How to Store This Ingredient?

  1. Store in a dry place below 25 °C.
  2. Do not freeze.

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Yes, it demonstrates that fermented CS significantly reduces DOX-induced OS, particularly by boosting the activities of antioxidant enzymes.

Yes, since genetics and gut bacterio can both influence the functioning of this extract to someone’s body.

Yes, other species of this extract also offers potent benefits. All species of Cordyceps has so far, shown promising results.

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