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Product Name Diosgenin Powder Bulk
Other Name (25R)-5-Spirosten-3β-ol,3β-Hydroxy-5-spirostene, Nitogenin
CAS Number 512-04-9
Molecular Formula C27H42O3
Molecular Weight 414.6206
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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What Is Diosgenin ?

Diosgenin is a steroidal compound found in plants including Trigonella foenum graecum (Fenugreek), Dioscorea nipponica makino, Smilax china, Tribulus terrestris, Radix puerariae, and Paris polyphylla. Commonly, it is derived from wild yam tubers and rootstock. It is a well-known steroidal sapogenin, and importantly, the diosgenin compound is believed to have a high potential as a medicine to cure cancer, inflammations, and various infections. Additionally, it is being used as a starting material in forming steroidal drugs.

Bulk Diosgenin Powder Specification Sheet


Plant Extract


Light yellow or almost white crystalline powder,odorless




Kosher, Halal, GMP, etc.

Active Ingredient

steroidal saponin

Test Methods


MOQ (minimum order quantity)



Available (10-20g/bag)

OEM Service

Available, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

ODM Service


Private Label


Contract Manufacturing


General Diosgenin Powder Production Process

The following steps were taken to produce diosgenin powder.

  1. First, we gather plants where we can obtain diosgenin.
  2. Second is the solvent extraction from these plants to determine the contents of these organic species.
  3. Diosgenin will be produced and proceed for quality and control testing.
  4. The final step is the packaging of the final powder product.

Diosgenin Powder Manufacturing Flow Chart

Diosgenin Powder Benefits, Uses & Potential Side Effects

According to researchers, Diosgenin powder has a beneficial effect in treating different illnesses and disorders like depression, diabetes, stroke, inflammations, leukemia, and even metabolic diseases. There are also advocates regarding diosgenin as a way to minimize the growth of cancer cells, which is why significant studies prove that diosgenin powder can be used as a treatment for cancer. It is well known that this steroidal compound is one of the components in the formation of medicines for cancer. It also shows that diogenin powder has an antimetastic effect, which indicates that it has a high potential compound against different types of cancer.

Aside from being an anticancer compound, diosgenin also has an anti-infectious effect. It is used to fight fungi, bacteria, and viruses. With its antioxidant activity, this powder is also beneficial for HIV patients. Meanwhile, this powder’s steroids that exhibit antiviral activity can also be used to fight against the Hepatitis C Virus.

It also has beneficial effects on diabetes and obesity. It can be helpful in treating diabetes by promoting adipocyte differentiation and inhibiting inflammation in adipose tissues. Thus, it is also beneficial for those who are obese since it improves the patient’s condition in terms of glucose metabolic disorder.

However, it is essential to note that a person taking diosgenin powder may experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, especially if a large amount of a supplement containing this powder is taken.

Diosgenin Powder Applications

It can be used as a material for various steroidal drugs. Also, it is used to treat infections, cancer, hypercholesterolemia, and inflammations.

Is Diosgenin Powder FDA-Approved?

Diosgenin, found in fenugreek seeds, has been shown to effectively inhibit inflammatory and survival pathways in cancer cells, promoting apoptosis. However, diosgenin powder itself is not FDA-approved. Fenugreek extract containing diosgenin and pure diosgenin have demonstrated inhibition of the hTERT gene expression in A549 lung cancer cells. While fenugreek extract diosgenin and pure diosgenin are listed among FDA-approved products, it’s important to note that diosgenin powder as a standalone ingredient is not FDA-approved.

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Diosgenin can be found in several food items such as carrots, wild carrots, yams, and bitter gourd, making diosgenin a potential biomarker for consuming these food products. 

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