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DL-Malic Acid Powder

Product Name DL-Malic Acid Powder
Other Names 2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid, Hydroxysuccinic acid, DL-Hydroxysuccinic acid, DL-Apple acid, DL-Hydroxybutanedioic acid, DL-2-Hydroxysuccinic acid, DL-2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid, DL-Malate
CAS Number 617-48-1
Molecular Formula C4H6O5
Molecular Weight 134.09 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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What Is DL-Malic Acid?

DL-Malic Acid, or hydroxy butane dioic Acid, is a dicarboxylic acid in several fruits such as apples, cherries, and grapes. The substance is a sour-tasting, white crystalline powder. DL-Malic Acid is a racemic compound comprising equimolar quantities of D-Malic Acid and L-Malic Acid. DL-Malic Acid has many applications in the food and beverage industry. It is a food additive for its sour taste, acting as a flavor enhancer and acidity regulator. DL-Malic AcidAcid is also used to produce beverages, confectionery, and bakery products. Additionally, it is employed in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as a pH adjuster and active ingredient in various formulations. DL-Malic Acid is considered safe for consumption when used following regulatory guidelines. It is naturally present in many fruits and is metabolized in the body as part of the citric acid cycle. However, individuals with specific health conditions or dietary restrictions should consult a healthcare professional before consuming DL-Malic Acid or products containing it. Typical DL-Malic Acid Powder Specifications The DL-Malic Acid powder is available in various purities depending on the manufacturing process and intended application. Commonly available purities include:
  1. Food Grade: DL-Malic Acid Powder 99% or higher purity, meeting food additives and ingredients standards.
  2. Pharmaceutical Grade: DL-Malic Acid with a purity of 99.5% or higher, suitable for pharmaceutical applications and formulations.
  3. Technical Grade: DL-Malic Acid with a purity ranging from 95% to 98%, often used in industrial applications such as cleaning agents or chemical synthesis.
Type Dicarboxylic acid
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content 99% min
Purity 99.0% – 100.5%
Particle Size 20-100 mesh
Other Ingredient None
Certifications Halal, Kosher
Solvent Water
Water Content 0.5% max
Test Method HPLC, Titration
MOQ (minimum order quantity) 1kg
Sample Available (10-20g/bag)
OEM Service Available, such as capsules, tablets,   pills, etc.
ODM Service Available
Private Label Available
Contract Manufacturing Available

What Is The Source Of DL-Malic Acid Powder?

The DL-Malic Acid powder is primarily derived from natural sources, mainly fruits. It is found in various fruits, including apples, cherries, grapes, and citrus. The extraction process involves isolating and purifying the malic acid present in these fruits. DL-Malic AcidAcid can also be produced through chemical synthesis using malic acid precursors. However, most DL-Malic Acid used commercially is obtained from natural sources to ensure its suitability for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications.

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What are the benefits of DL-Malic Acid?

DL-Malic Acid offers several potential benefits and applications. Here are some of its key benefits:
  1. Flavor enhancer: DL-Malic Acid is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a flavor enhancer. It provides a sour taste similar to natural fruits, making it a popular ingredient in various food products, including candies, beverages, and baked goods.
  2. Acidulant and pH regulator: DL-Malic Acid acts as an acidulant and pH regulator in food and beverage formulations. It helps adjust and maintain acidity levels, improving product taste, texture, and shelf life.
  3. Antioxidant properties: DL-Malic Acid exhibits antioxidant properties, which may help protect against oxidative stress and contribute to overall health and well-being.
  4. Sports performance and recovery: DL-Malic Acid has been studied for its potential benefits in sports performance and recovery. It is believed to play a role in the Krebs cycle, which is involved in energy production, and may help enhance endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.
  5. Chelating agent: DL-Malic Acid functions as a chelating agent, facilitating the elimination of heavy metals from the body.
  6. Cosmetic applications: DL-Malic Acid is used in the cosmetic industry for its exfoliating and skin-brightening properties. It can be found in skincare products like facial cleansers, masks, and peels.

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What Is DL-Malic Acid Powder Manufacturing Process?

The manufacturing process of DL-Malic Acid powder typically involves the following steps:
dl malic acid powder manufacturing process


L-Malic Acid and DL-malic Acid are stereoisomers. L-Malic Acid occurs naturally in fruits, while DL-malic Acid is a racemic mixture of L-malic acid and its enantiomer D-malic acid.

Typically, DL-Malic Acid is considered BSE/TSE free, but it’s advisable to confirm with the specific supplier for assurance.

Yes, DL-Malic Acid is naturally gluten-free.

DL-Malic Acid is derived from natural sources and is generally considered GMO-free.

It is typically ranging from 20 to 100 mesh.

The FDA considers DL-Malic Acid a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substance. It may serve as a food ingredient, contingent upon adherence to regulatory guidelines and restrictions.

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