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Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl

Product Name Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl
Other Name γ-Butyrobetaine hydrochloride or γ-BBHCl
CAS Number 627-33-6
Molecular Formula C7H15NO2·HCl
Molecular Weight 187.66 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl

What Is Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl?

Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl is a chemical compound often used as a precursor in carnitine biosynthesis. This molecule is responsible for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria for energy production. GBB HCl is commonly used in dietary supplements and sports nutrition products to support energy metabolism and exercise performance.

Bulk GBB HCL Powder Specification Sheet


Dietary supplement


Fine white crystalline powder


98% to 99.9%

Biological Activity

Enhance energy production for exercise performance and overall metabolic health


Kosher, Halal, GMP, etc.

Shell Life

2 to 3 years

Test Methods

HPLC, Titration, IR, etc

MOQ (minimum order quantity)



Available (10-20g/bag)

OEM Service

Available, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

ODM Service


Private Label


Contract Manufacturing


Health Benefits of Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl

Enhances Energy Metabolism

It is a precursor to carnitine, a molecule in charge of moving the fatty acids into mitochondria for energy production and Metabolism. It helps increase energy levels and improves endurance during physical activity by promoting carnitine synthesis.

Enhances Exercise Performance

It helps improve exercise performance by increasing carnitine levels in the body. Carnitine is involved in fatty acid oxidation, essential for providing energy to the muscles during exercise, and leads to enhanced endurance, reduced fatigue, and improved athletic performance.

Enhances Heart Health

Due to its known properties that help move fatty acids into mitochondria for producing energy, it helps reduce circulating levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, thus helping heart health and reducing the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.


Carnitine is known for its antioxidant properties, and carnitine is derived from Gamma-Butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl, thus protecting the body against harmful free radicals and helping reduce oxidative stress.

Applications and Uses

  1. Sports Nutrition:It may support endurance, reduce fatigue, and improve energy metabolism, making it perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a supplement.
  2. Dietary supplements:It supports cardiovascular health, energy production, and antioxidant defense, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and making it an ideal dietary supplement ingredient.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Due to its known properties, it is a famous pharmaceutical ingredient that is targeting improvement in various health areas.

Does It Have Side Effect?

While Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl is generally safe for most individuals under recommended dosage, some might experience side effects and adverse reactions, namely:

  1. Gastrointesntinal upset: Some individuals have a sensitive stomach, and taking or using GBB HCl may lead to nausea, stomach upset, and diarrhea.
  2. Allergic reactions:In rare cases, allergic reactions to Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl may occur in individuals who are sensitive or allergic to its components. Symptoms may include itching, rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
  3. Reactions with medicines:Some components in Gamma-Butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl may react with other medications or supplements, especially those that affect cardiovascular health and metabolism.

Special Precautions and Warnings

  1. Dosage: Use under athe recommended dosage provided by the manufacturer or healthcare professional.
  2. Allergic reactions: If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl, avoid using it and consult a healthcare expert.
  3. Reactions with medicines: Some components in Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl may react with other medications or supplements, especially those that affect cardiovascular health and metabolism. 

Is Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl Safe to Consume?

It is generally safe for consumption when used appropriately and by recommended dosages. It is commonly used as an ingredient in dietary supplements and other products. Consuming it as a raw ingredient is not advised.

Is It FDA-Approved?

The FDA does not explicitly approve Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl as a standalone product. However, some products regulated by the FDA may contain Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl.

How Does Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl Affect Athletic Performance?

GBB HCI improves athletic performance by enhancing energy metabolism and increasing endurance during physical activity.

How to Store Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl Powder?

  1. Store in a cool and dry place
  2. Use airtight containers
  3. Avoid moisture
  4. Store in a place with stable temperature
  5. Keep away from strong odors
  6. Check for expiration date

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It may support cardiovascular health by helping regulate cholesterol levels and promoting energy metabolism.

Foods naturally containing Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl are limited, but it is found in small amounts in some animal products such as meat, fish, and dairy.

The recommended dose for Gamma Butyrobetaine HCl is 50 mg per day. Studies have shown that this dose is enough to increase L-carnitine levels in the body effectively.

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