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Chemical Name: Histidine
CAS Number: 71-00-1
Molecular Formula: C6H9N3O2
Molecular Weight: 155.15
Packaging: In paper-drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Net weight: 25kg/drum
Main Benefits: Histidine may help treat inflammatory conditions and may also help in optimizing nerve function. It may as well improve blood cell production.
Application: Dietary Supplement


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About Histidine

Histidine is an essential amino acid necessary to produce enzymes for normal kidneys, gastric and muscular functions of the human body. It is also used in the field of dietary supplement manufacturing as an essential ingredient for improved nerve cell health.

What is Histidine?

Histidine is among the proteinogenic amino acids for protein biosynthesis. Since it is not produced naturally in the body, it must be supplemented from various food sources, including meat, poultry, seeds, and fish. Aside from acting as an intermediary for biological processes, Histidine is also known as a precursor for Carnosine and Anserine, which are both essential in skeletal muscle growth and development.

The CAS number of Histidine is 71-00-1. Its molecular formula is C6H9N3O2, and its molecular weight is 155.15g/mol. Histidine comes in white crystals appearance or white crystalline powder.

Histidine Forms and Specifications

As an ingredient in dietary supplements, Histidine comes in two common forms―L-histidine-free base powder 99% and L-histidine HCl powder 99%. These two forms are often used interchangeably as they provide comparatively similar health benefits.

Histidine to Histamine

Scientific researchers have long recognized the significant role of Histidine in Histamine production. As a precursor to the production of the compound, experts explain that Histidine supplementation is necessary for optimum immunity responses in all age groups.

The biosynthesis of Histidine to Histamine takes place through a rate-limiting enzyme known as L-histidine decarboxylase. The decarboxylation process is Vitamin B-dependent and occurs in various cells in the body, including the brain and the stomach. Histamine, once produced, is stored in the body and released upon the activation of the immunity response.

Mechanism of Action of L-histidine

Primarily, L-histidine is believed to have immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Aside from playing a vital role in Histamine production, experts say that the compound also works by suppressing T-cell activity, thereby controlling inflammatory responses, especially in patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Studies also show that by serving as a precursor to histamine production, the compound may increase natural killer cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which are known to affect the control of cancer cell growth. Clinical trials also show that the compound may support the phagocytic activities of phagocyte cells.

Recently, the interest in L-Histidine continued to grow after L-histidine was found to have specific effects in the control of symptoms of Eczema. The compound may help in maintaining skin hydration and improving the protective skin barrier.


Histidine Benefits

Histidine supplementation is ideal for adults, especially those who are approaching the elderly stage of life. The following are some benefits of using the Histidine dietary supplements:

  • It supports immune system function.

As an agent to histamine production, Histidine is believed to improve immune system responses. Remarkably, however, in one study, Histidine in itself may have specific effects in immunity responses other than being a histamine precursor.

In one study, experts have found that patients diagnosed with Histidine deficiency have proteins with low plasma concentrations, which degrades the overall immune system responses and compromises overall health. For this reason, health practitioners recommend the intake of Histidine-rich foods and dietary supplements to boost overall immunity.

  • It promotes red and white blood cell production.

Many experts are currently conducting in-depth studies on the protective role of Histidine against oxidative stress, which damages various cells in the body. Oxidative stress limits the production of red and white blood cells, which, in turn, results in depletes oxygen and nutrient supply.

Histidine supplementation may aid in producing red and white blood cells not because it supports protein biosynthesis but also because it was found that persons with low levels of Histidine have low levels of blood cells. One study also suggested that Histidine is necessary for nerve cell production as it is an essential component of the myelin sheath. For this reason, experts recommend the intake of Histidine supplements for overall body cell production.

  • It promotes joint health.

One common indication of Histidine deficiency is persistent joint pain and stiffness. This is because Histidine plays a role in maintaining the health of synovial fluid and protecting joints from strain. According to experts, Histidine supplementation may promote joint health, especially among individuals at risk of degenerative joint conditions, such as athletes and bodybuilders.

Histidine may also help promote musculoskeletal health among the amino acid groups that promote skeletal muscle growth and development.

Histidine powder

Histidine Side Effects

Taking Histidine dietary supplements within recommended doses is not associated with any side effects. However, some individual users have reported the development of mild symptoms, which include upset stomach and discomfort. Health experts say that the development of adverse signs and symptoms such as breathing difficulty and changes in mentation among Histidine supplement users are not common and should be reported immediately to medical practitioners.

Histidine Dosage

The majority of medical experts recommend the intake of a maximum of 4 to 5 grams of Histidine per day. In one study, it was found that high doses of Histidine, especially among individuals with ongoing health conditions, may cause toxic effects.

The recommended dose may change depending on the individual user’s present health condition, age and weight. Persons who are pregnant or otherwise lactating are advised to consult their physician before intake of Histidine supplements to prevent potential side effects.


Where to Buy Bulk L-Histidine Powder?

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