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Milk Thistle Extract

Product Name Milk Thistle Extract Powder
Other Names Silymarin extract, Silybum marianum extract, Holy Thistle extract, Marian thistle extract, St. Mary’s thistle extract, Cardus marianus extract, Mediterranean milk thistle extract, Variegated thistle extract, Scotch thistle extract, Our Lady’s thistle extract
Active Ingredients Silymarin, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Linoleic acid
CAS Number 65666-07-1
Molecular Formula C25H22O10
Molecular Weight 482.44 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Milk Thistle Extract

What Is Milk Thistle Extract?

Milk thistle extract is a supplement derived from the seeds of the milk thistle plant, scientifically known as Silybum marianum. It has a long history of use in traditional medicine, particularly for its potential liver-supporting properties. The active compounds in milk thistle extract are collectively referred to as Silymarin.

Silymarin is a complex flavonolignan combination that includes silybin, silychristin, and silydianin. These bioactive compounds are believed to provide the primary health benefits of milk thistle extract.

Milk thistle extract is known for its hepatoprotective effects, meaning it has the potential to support liver health. It is said to contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in the protection of liver cells against toxins, free radicals, and inflammation.

The extract is commonly used as a dietary supplement to support liver function, promote liver detoxification processes, and potentially alleviate certain liver conditions. It is available in various forms, including capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders.

While milk thistle extract is generally considered safe when taken in approved dosages, it’s best to contact a healthcare expert before beginning any supplements routinely, especially if you have underlying health concerns or are taking drugs. They can guide appropriate dosages and potential interactions based on your circumstances.

Common Milk Thistle Pure Powder Specifications

Milk Thistle pure powder can be available in different purities, depending on the product and manufacturing process.

  1. Pure Milk Thistle 4:1 Extract Silymarin Powder: This indicates that the powder is a concentrated extract obtained from Milk Thistle seeds in a ratio of 4 parts plant material to 1 part extract. The purity of Silymarin, the active compound, may vary based on the specific product, but it typically contains a high concentration of Silymarin.
  2. Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarin Powder: This suggests that the powder contains a minimum of 80% Silymarin, the primary active compound in Milk Thistle. The remaining percentage may consist of other natural plant compounds, excipients, or fillers used in the formulation.
TypePlant extract
AppearanceFine, light brown powder
ContentMin. 80% Silymarin
PurityMin. 95%
Particle Size80 mesh
CertificationsGMP, ISO
Active IngredientsSilymarin, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Linoleic acid
Water ContentMax. 5%
Test MethodHPLC, UV-VIS, Microbiological tests
MOQ (minimum order quantity)1kg
SampleAvailable (10-20g/bag)
OEM ServiceAvailable, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.
ODM ServiceAvailable
Private LabelAvailable
Contract ManufacturingAvailable

What Are The Sources Of Milk Thistle Extract?

The primary source of milk thistle extract is the milk thistle plant (Silybum marianum) itself. The extract is made from the plant’s seeds, which have the highest concentration of the beneficial chemicals known as Silymarin.

Milk thistle is a flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean area, but it is currently grown worldwide for its therapeutic benefits.

The seeds are typically harvested when fully matured to produce milk thistle extract. The outer husks of the sources are removed, and the remaining seed kernels are processed to extract the beneficial compounds. This extraction process may involve grinding or crushing the seeds and then subjecting them to solvent extraction using substances like ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. The extract is then further processed and concentrated to obtain the final milk thistle extract.

It’s worth noting that milk thistle extract is primarily derived from cultivated milk thistle plants grown explicitly for this purpose, ensuring consistency in the quality and composition of the extract. However, milk thistle can also be found in the wild, and in some cases, wildcrafted milk thistle plants may be used as a source for extract production.

What Are The Active Ingredients In Milk Thistle Extract?

A group of chemicals known as Silymarin is the active component in milk thistle extract. Silymarin is a complex flavonolignan combination that includes silybin (silibinin), silychristin, silydianin, and other related chemicals.

Silybin is considered the most prominent and biologically active component of Silymarin. It is believed responsible for many potential health benefits associated with milk thistle extract, particularly its hepatoprotective properties.

Silymarin and its constituents, such as silybin, possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that can help protect liver cells against toxins, free radicals, and inflammation. These compounds are believed to work by strengthening the outer membrane of liver cells, preventing the entry of harmful substances, and promoting liver cell regeneration.

It’s important to note that while Silymarin is the primary active ingredient in milk thistle extract, other constituents present in the extract, such as flavonoids and fatty acids, may also contribute to its overall health benefits.

More Information

What are the advantages of powdered Milk Thistle Extract?

Milk thistle extract powder is believed to offer several potential health benefits. While scientific research is ongoing and more studies are needed to establish conclusive evidence, here are some benefits associated with milk thistle extract powder.

  1. Liver support: Milk thistle extract is well known for its ability to enhance liver function. It is thought to contain hepatoprotective effects, which protect liver cells from toxins, free radicals, and inflammation. It may also support liver detoxification processes.
  2. Antioxidant activity: Milk thistle extract contains flavonolignans, such as Silymarin, which exhibit antioxidant effects. These chemicals can assist in the neutralization of damaging free radicals, lowering oxidative stress and increasing cellular health.
  3. Anti-inflammatory effects: The active compounds in milk thistle extract have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. This effect could be beneficial for conditions associated with chronic inflammation.
  4. Digestive support: Milk thistle extract is believed to aid digestion and promote gastrointestinal health. It may support bile production, a substance involved in the digestion and absorption of fats, and help maintain a healthy digestive system.
  5. Skin health: Some studies suggest that milk thistle extract may positively affect certain skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics may aid in the reduction of skin irritation and the general health of the skin.
  6. Blood sugar regulation: Preliminary research suggests that milk thistle extract may assist in regulating blood sugar levels, potentially benefiting individuals with diabetes or those aiming to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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How To Manufacture Milk Thistle Powder Extract?

The manufacturing process of milk thistle powder extract typically involves several steps. Here is a general overview of the process.

milk thistle powder extract manufacturing process

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