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Monosodium D-Aspartate

Product Name  Monosodium D-Aspartate
Other Name L-aspartic acid monosodium
CAS Number 323194-76-9
Molecular Formula C4H6NNaO4
Molecular Weight 155.08 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Monosodium D-Aspartate

What Is Monosodium D-Aspartate?

Monosodium D-Aspartate, a derivative of D-aspartic acid, is pivotal in the synthesis of various hormones, notably testosterone in males. This non-essential amino acid is prevalent in both animal and plant sources, with significant concentrations found in crops like sugar cane and sugar beets. Additionally, it exhibits potential neurotransmitter properties. A comprehensive understanding of its biochemical role is essential for optimizing physiological function and promoting overall well-being.

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Active Ingredient

Sodium Salt

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General Monosodium D-Aspartate Powder Production Process

Below is a general overview of the Monosodium D-Aspartate   powder manufacturing process:

Step 1: Raw materials are crucial in the initial stages, forming the basis for product creation.

Step 2: The fermentation mixture undergoes sterilization for 10 minutes at 15 pounds pressure. A seed culture containing acid-producing strains of Brevibacterium divaricatum NRRL B-2311 is added. Fermentation occurs at 30°C with aeration and mechanical agitation. Urea (60 grams) is incrementally added at 18, 24, and 30 hours for optimal results. Sodium hydroxide solution (60%) is introduced after 30 hours to maintain pH at 7, with 255 milliliters added to stabilize pH until fermentation completion.

Step 3: Sterilization for 10 minutes at 15 pounds pressure ensures complete sterilization by absorbing heat through the product’s exterior surface.

Step 4: Decolorizing Monosodium D-Aspartate involves utilizing a scientifically proven ten percent concentration, outperforming other concentrations in suitability.

Step 5: Insoluble wheat particles (1 gram) are filtered and mixed with 1,000 ml of water steamed for 30 minutes. The mixture’s pH is adjusted to 7.

Step 6: Crystallization transforms liquid or supersaturated solutions into solid crystals under optimal conditions.

Step 7: Extracting the desired substance from a mixture or matrix requires careful separation techniques.

Step 8: The final product, in crystal form, is dried to ensure high quality and purity.

Step 9: Large and small crystalline particles undergo sieving, with large particles processed for the finished product.

Step 10: Proper packaging ensures secure transit of the product.”

Bulk Monosodium D-Aspartate Powder Flow Chart

  • Itstands out as the most effective form for elevating testosterone levels, making it a cornerstone ingredient in many testosterone-boosting supplements.
  • Itis prominently found in central nervous and reproductive tissues, with ample evidence from both animal and human studies supporting its crucial role in nervous system development and hormonal regulation.
  • Including Monosodium D-Aspartate in cardioplegia solutions provides substantial protection to myocytes during ischemia by notably increasing anaerobic energy production.


Aspartic acid is a versatile compound with widespread applications in medicine, food, and the chemical industry.

  • MedicineIndustry:  it is utilized for treating conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and hypertension. Additionally, it is known for its fatigue-preventing and recovery properties. Mixed with various amino acids, it forms amino acid infusions, aiding in ammonia detoxification, promoting liver function, and facilitating fatigue recovery.
  • Food Industry: aspartic acid serves as a valuable nutritional supplement, commonly added to a range of refreshing beverages. It also serves as a primary raw material for producing the sweetener aspartame, also known as aspartyl-phenylalanine methyl ester.
  • Chemical Industry: aspartic acid acts as a crucial raw material for manufacturing synthetic resins. Moreover, it is employed as a nutritional additive in cosmetics formulations.

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