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Piper Methysticum Extract

Product Name Piper Methysticum Extract Powder
Active Ingredients Kavain, Dihydrokavain, Methysticin, Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin


CAS Number

Kavain: 500-30-9

Dihydrokavain: 587-22-6

Methysticin: 487-11-6

Yangonin: 500-66-3

Desmethoxyyangonin: 6743-10-4



Molecular Formula

Kavain: C14H14O3

Dihydrokavain: C14H16O3

Methysticin: C16H14O5

Yangonin: C15H14O4

Desmethoxyyangonin: C15H14O4



Molecular Weight

Kavain: 230.26 g/mol

Dihydrokavain: 232.27 g/mol

Methysticin: 286.28 g/mol

Yangonin: 258.27 g/mol

Desmethoxyyangonin: 258.27 g/mol

Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Piper Methysticum Extract

What Is Piper Methysticum Extract?

It is a concentrated form of the kava plant, particularly the root. It is known for its soothing, muscle-relaxant, and anxiolytic properties and for its ability to reduce anxiety.

Active Ingredient In Piper Methysticum Extract

The active ingredients of kava extract are a group of compounds known as kavalactones. These bioactive compounds are responsible for the nutritional and pharmacological effects of the kava extract. The major kavalactones present in the extract include kavain, dihydrokavain, methysticin, yangonin, and desmethoxyyangonin, which work together to produce the effects it such as sedative, anxiety-reducing, and muscle relaxant.

Piper Methysticum Extract Specification Sheet

The extract may have varying purity ranges depending on the extraction method.

  1. Low Purity(70% or lower):This range may contain lower concentrations of kavalactones and may be more suitable for individuals seeking milder effects.
  2. Medium Purity(70% to 80%): This extract has medium concentration and is commonly used by individuals looking for standard efficacy and potency.
  3. High Purity(80% to 90%):This range offers more concentrated kavalactones and is commonly used for users searching for more potent effects.
  4. Highest Purity(90% and above):This range is highly concentrated and offers the maximum amount of kavalactones. It is used by individuals who want the strongest and maximum effect for supplementation.


Plant Extract


light brown to beige powder


70% to 90% or higher



Active Ingredient

Kavain, Dihydrokavain, Methysticin, Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin

Test Methods


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Available (10-20g/bag)

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Available, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

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What Are the Pharmacological Implications or Significance of Piper Methysticum?

It contains kavalactones that produce anxiolytic effects by interacting with the GABA system and promoting relaxation. It also shows muscle relaxant and analgesic properties.

Piper Methysticum Extract Health Benefits

It has been traditionally used for its calming and anxiolytic ability. Research also shows that it reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress. It also exhibits muscle relaxant and analgesic properties, contributing to its overall value.

Applications and Uses

It is typically used in medicines that promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety and stress. It is also used in some medicines for its ability to relieve pain. Although further research is needed, it also shows potential in helping with conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and some cognitive supplements may be used to boost its effect.

Does It have Side Effects?

It is generally safe for use under the recommended dosage. However, it may exhibit some side effects for some individuals, such as allergic reactions like nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset. It may also cause dizziness, drowsiness, and impaired motor function when consumed over the recommended dosage or combined with alcohol or other compounds with soothing properties.

 Is It Safe to Consume?

Yes, it is safe for consumption under the recommended dosage.

Special Precautions and Warnings

While kava extract has been used traditionally, there are necessary precautions and warnings to consider. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not consume kava due to a lack of safety data. It should also be avoided by individuals who are taking medications that are processed by the liver. It may also interact with other medicines like antidepressants and sedatives, exercise caution when taking or using supplements or drugs with this kind of extract. It should also be avoided when driving as it exhibits effects similar to liquor.

Dosage: Guidelines for Optimal Use

There are no clinical studies about the recommended dosage. But for safety, taking 120 to 280 mg of kavalactones per day should be safe.

How to Store Piper Methysticum Extract?

The following guidelines for storing the extract are recommended to ensure safety and potency.

  1. Store in a cool and dry place
  2. Use an airtight container
  3. Refrigerate after use
  4. Avoid freezing
  5. Avoid direct contact with light
  6. Avoid moisture

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Depending on the individual, Kava extract typically takes effect half an hour to two hours after ingestion.

It is available in various forms, such as liquid and powdered extracts, capsules, and tablets.

It is available in various forms, such as liquid and powdered extracts, capsules, and tablets.

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