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Piperine Powder

Product Name Piperine Powder
Other Names 1-Piperoylpiperidine, Piperoylpiperidine, Bioperine (a trademarked name for a standardized piperine extract), Piperidine piperoyl, 5-(3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl)-1,6-diphenylpiperidin-3-one
CAS Number 94-62-2
Molecular Formula C17H19NO3
Molecular Weight 285.34 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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What Is Piperine?

Piperine powder is a concentrated form of Piperine derived from black pepper. It is obtained by extracting the compound from the pepper and then processing it into a fine powder. Due to its potential health benefits, piperine powder is commonly used as a dietary supplement.

The powder form of Piperine offers several advantages, including easy and precise dosage. It allows individuals to incorporate Piperine into their daily routine by adding it to food and beverages or taking it in capsule form. Piperine powder is also used to manufacture various nutritional supplements and herbal formulations.

It is important to note that piperine powder is highly concentrated, so it is essential to follow the recommended dosage guidelines. Before initiating piperine supplementation, it is recommended to seek guidance from a healthcare practitioner to ascertain the optimal dosage and verify that it does not impede any preexisting medical conditions or medications.

Common Bulk Piperine Powder Specifications

Bulk piperine powder is available in various purities, depending on the manufacturing process and supplier. Here are some typical Piperine specifications you may come across as below.

  • Bulk piperine powder 95%
  • Bulk piperine powder 98&
  • Bulk piperine powder 99%
TypePlant extract
AppearanceFine, Off-white Powder
Content≥ 95% Piperine
Purity≥ 98%
Particle Size100% pass through 80 mesh
Other IngredientNone
CertificationsGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000
Water Content≤ 2%
Test MethodHPLC, UV-Vis, GC
MOQ (minimum order quantity)1kg
SampleAvailable (10-20g/bag)
OEM ServiceAvailable, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.
ODM ServiceAvailable
Private LabelAvailable
Contract ManufacturingAvailable

What Are The Best Sources Of Piperine Powder?

Piperine powder is primarily derived from black pepper (Piper nigrum). Black pepper is the most common and easily accessible source of Piperine. When the pepper berries are harvested, dried, and ground, they produce black pepper powder, which naturally contains Piperine.

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What are the benefits of Piperine?

Piperine is a natural black pepper compound responsible for its spicy taste. The subject matter has been subject to a scholarly inquiry regarding its potential health advantages and has been determined to provide multiple benefits. The following are some advantages associated with Piperine:

  1. Enhanced nutrient absorption: Piperine has been shown to improve the bioavailability and absorption of various nutrients and compounds, including vitamins (such as C and B6), minerals (such as iron and calcium), and herbal supplements. By inhibiting certain enzymes in the digestive system, Piperine helps increase the absorption of these substances.
  2. Increased metabolism: Piperine has been found to have thermogenic properties, meaning it can increase metabolism and promote calorie burning. It can aid in weight management and weight loss efforts.
  3. Improved cognitive function: Piperine may positively affect cognitive function and memory. Some studies have suggested that Piperine can enhance neurotransmitter activity and promote better brain function. It has also shown potential in improving memory and reducing cognitive decline associated with aging.
  4. Anti-inflammatory effects: Piperine has been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties, thereby demonstrating potential efficacy in mitigating inflammation. Inflammation that persists has been linked to various health conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, and specific forms of cancer. The inhibition of inflammatory markers by Piperine has the potential to promote general health and enhance overall well-being.
  5. Antioxidant activity: Piperine possesses antioxidant properties, which help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause oxidative stress, leading to cell damage and various health problems. Piperine’s antioxidant activity may protect cells from oxidative damage and support overall cellular health.
  6. Potential anticancer properties: Some studies suggest that Piperine may have anticancer effects. It has been investigated for its ability to inhibit the growth of specific cancer cells and induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells.

Where can you buy bulk Piperine Powder online?

Are you looking to buy bulk piperine powder online? Look no further than Nutri Avenue! We offer premium quality piperine powder sourced from the finest black pepper. With our reliable and convenient online platform, you can confidently stock up on this potent compound. Elevate your health journey with Nutri Avenue today!

What Is Piperine Powder Manufacturing Process?

Piperine powder is derived from the dried fruits of the black pepper plant (Piper nigrum). The manufacturing process of piperine powder involves several steps, which I’ll outline below.

piperine powder manufacturing process


Black pepper is the primary food source high in Piperine.

Yes, Piperine is predominantly found in black pepper, although smaller amounts can also be found in other spices like white pepper.

No, turmeric itself does not naturally contain Piperine. However, turmeric and black pepper are often used together in traditional recipes or supplements due to the belief that Piperine enhances the bioavailability of curcumin, the active compound in turmeric.

Piperine is a bioactive alkaloid that is naturally occurring in black pepper. In contrast, black pepper extract is a highly concentrated form of diverse bioactive compounds present in black pepper, including Piperine.

The FDA does not explicitly approve or regulate Piperine as a dietary supplement or ingredient. However, it is generally considered safe (GRAS) for consumption, and nutritional supplements containing Piperine are available in the market. It’s important to note that the FDA does not independently approve or regulate individual dietary supplements.

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