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Chemical Name: Quercetin
CAS Number: 6151-25-3
Molecular Formula: C15H10O7
Molecular Weight: 302.23 g/mol
Packaging: In paper-drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Net weight: 25kg/drum
Main Benefits: Believed to help prevent cancer and other modern diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus and cardiovascular conditions
Application: Dietary Supplements


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What is Quercetin?

The compound quercetin is a polyphenolic flavonoid found in many foods and herbs. It is among the most abundant flavonoids in fruits and vegetables and is classified as a Pentahydroxyflavone having the five hydroxy groups placed at the 3-, 3′-, 4′-, 5-, and 7-positions. The compound is believed to enhance cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and support healthy aging.

Other names used to refer to the compound include Sophorae Japonica, CAS 6151-25-3,117-39-5, Propolis extract, Quercetin Dihydrate, Quercetin Anhydrous, and Quercetin powder. The compound is identified as having CAS number 117-39-5, the molecular formula of C15H10O7, and a molecular weight of 302.23 g/mol.

Quercetin powder has a yellow crystalline appearance and is practically insoluble in water. It is soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions.

Quercetin Sources

Quercetin may be obtained from various natural and food sources including apples, onions, parsley, sage, tea, and red wine. It may also be found in blueberries, blackberries, and bilberries.


Among the major plant sources of Quercetin are Propolis extract and Sophorae Japonica.

Constituents of Sophorae Japonica Extract

Sophorae Japonica is an extract obtained from the medicinal tree Sophorae Japonica. It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve blood flow, reduce cerebral infarction, and promote antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities.

The key ingredients in the product are Quercetin and Rutin. It also contains several fatty acids and polysaccharides that support health and wellness.

Quercetin Forms and Specifications

Some of the most well-known forms of the compound which are available in the market include Quercetin 10%, Quercetin 95%, Quercetin 98%, Nano quercetin, Quercetin Dihydrate, and Quercetin Anhydrous.

At Nutriavenue, we also offer custom standardized 10-99% Quercetin powder extract.

We offer our products wholesale or in lesser quantities. For bulk purchases, we usually pack the product in paper drums having two layers of poly bags inside. For purchases in lesser quantities, we pack the products in 1-kilogram bags.

Quercetin Phytosome vs. Quercetin

Quercetin Phytosome is a modified form of Quercetin that is shown to enhance the nutraceutical and nutrient delivery of plain Quercetin. The term “phytosome” is a bioavailability technology that helps introduce Quercetin into the cells more effectively.


While Quercetin Phytosome and Quercetin both provide similar health benefits, the former is shown to be more efficient as it provides superior absorption and utilization in the human body.

Hence, Quercetin Phytosome is a better form of Quercetin.

Quercetin Dihydrate vs. Quercetin Anhydrous

Quercetin Dihydrate is a form of quercetin that is used in the formulation of various nutraceutical products. It is described as having CAS number 6151-25-3, molecular formula of C15H14O9, and a molecular weight of 338.27 g/mol. Quercetin Anhydrous is also a quercetin compound that provides similar health benefits as that of quercetin.

The main difference between Quercetin Dihydrate and Quercetin Anhydrous is that the former offers higher aqueous solubility in temperatures above or equal to 100 °C. However, the compounds have similar aqueous solubility in temperatures less than 80 °C.

Also, Quercetin Dihydrate is believed to have the highest bioavailability among all quercetin forms. Hence, it is better than Quercetin Anhydrous.

Quercetin for COVID

As a strong antioxidant and scavenging flavonoid, studies have shown that Quercetin may work in the treatment and prophylaxis of COVID.


According to a claim by Dr. Mercola, a combination of Quercetin and Vitamin C effectively provide synergistic effects for the treatment and prevention of COVID at home. It may also help reduce COVID recovery time.

A combination of Quercetin and NAC or N-Acetyl Cysteine is also claimed to help control COVID.

Quercetin with Vitamin C and Zinc

Research shows that Quercetin with Vitamin C and Zinc helps increase zinc absorption and provides superior immunity benefits. As such, this combination effectively enhances the body’s capacity to fight off both bacterial and viral infections.

Quercetin with Bromelain

Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in pineapple fruit juice and stem tissues. These compounds are known for their anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and digestion-enhancing properties. The molecular formula of Bromelain is C39H66N2O29.

Combining Quercetin with Bromelain is believed to provide synergistic effects in terms of providing anti-inflammatory benefits and immunity-enhancing effects.

Quercetin with Alpha-Lipoic Acid

The compound Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that is known to reduce inflammation and support healthy skin cell aging. It is described as having CAS number 1077-28-7, molecular formula of C8H14O2S2, and a molecular weight of 206.3 g/mol.

According to studies, the combination of Quercetin and Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA may result in enhanced protection against oxidative stress in the hippocampus. The said combination also helps restore AlCl3 altered lipid peroxidation to normal levels through enhanced antioxidant properties.

How does Quercetin Work?

Quercetin works in the body by regulating certain pathways and improving the function of various organs. As an antioxidant, Quercetin helps reduce oxidative stress in body cells which usually causes cellular degeneration and aging. It also helps cleanse the body from toxins and other unwanted chemicals which are not normally eliminated through normal elimination means of the body.

According to studies, Quercetin also helps reduce the production of histamine in some instances, thereby controlling inflammation.

Quercetin Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing Quercetin begins by hydrolyzing rutin with sour water to obtain a quercetin reaction solution. The said quercetin reaction solution is then cooled, and the impurities thereof are eliminated. Press filtration is then conducted, followed by washing and drying to finally obtain the desired product which is Quercetin.


For a more detailed discussion on the manufacturing process of Quercetin, as well as the raw materials used, you may contact our technical support staff or send us an email.

Quercetin Benefits

The compound Quercetin provides health benefits which include the following:

  • Supports cardiovascular health

Research shows that the compound may provide cardiovascular health by inhibiting LDL oxidation and reducing adhesion molecules and various inflammatory markers.

  • Helps improve anti-inflammatory & immune system

It also helps improve immunity and provides anti-inflammatory effects by acting mainly on leukocytes and targeting many intracellular signaling patterns.

  • Supports healthy aging & overall health

Using the compound may support healthy aging as it protects body cells from degeneration and damage due to the invasion of toxic matter.

Quercetin Side Effects

Taking Quercetin is not necessarily associated with side effects. However, some users may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms and headaches. These are expected to disappear after the first few doses.

Quercetin Dosage

Typically, the recommended doses for Quercetin range from 500 to 1000 mg per day. This may vary upon a physician’s prescription based on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.


1. Is Quercetin natural(safe)?


2. Is quercetin the same as ivermectin?

No. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic agent while Quercetin is an antioxidant flavonoid.

Where to Buy Bulk Quercetin Powder?

Quercetin powder is available for bulk purchases at Nutriavenue.

Our company offers high-quality and affordable products which have been developed through top-of-the-line manufacturing procedures and equipment. We have factories and warehouses across the US, and we are duly registered with the FDA as an ingredient supplier.

At Nutriavenue, we offer bulk pricing on different quantities, and we provide free samples to customers upon request. We also have a large stock of our products for your wholesale needs.

For queries and details on our products and services, you may contact our technical support staff.


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