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Taurine Powder

Product Name Taurine Powder
Other Names 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid
CAS Number 107-35-7
Molecular Formula C2H7NO3S
Molecular Weight 125.14 g/mol
Applications Personal Care, Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Animal Nutrition, etc.
Package 1kg,5kg/bag, 25kg/drum


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Health practitioners from all over the world recommend the use of the amino sulfonic acid Taurine as it is very useful in increasing energy levels and promoting overall athletic performance. The supplement ingredient is also popular as it provides benefits to patients with electrolyte imbalances and nerve impulse transmission conditions.

What Is Taurine?

Taurine is an organic compound classified as an amino acid. Although amino acids are well-known protein building blocks, some conditionally essential amino acids like Taurine do not support protein build-up but rather regulate various metabolic processes including cellular detoxification. In the body, taurine is most prevalent in the blood platelets, heart, and brain. It is also found in the large intestines in the digestive tract and is an important chemical constituent of bile which is the body enzyme essential for fat metabolism.

The CAS number of Taurine is 107-35-7. Its molecular formula is C2H7NO3S and its molecular weight is 125.14 g/mol. It has a colorless or white powder appearance and is generally soluble in water.

Taurine Powder Forms

Taurine powder has two forms as follows.

  • Anti-caking Taurine powder
  • Taurine powder without anticaking agent

What Is The Difference Between Taurine And Other Ingredients?

Taurine vs. L-Taurine

While some amino acids are properly referred to with “L” or “D” configurations as they can polarize light, healthcare practitioners say that it is improper to include the said configurations in the description of Taurine. Taurine is the very molecule used in supplement formulations without the “L” or “D” stereoisomer forms. Hence, it is improper to refer to Taurine as L-taurine.

Taurine vs. Caffeine

As a major chemical component of energy drink products, taurine, and caffeine are almost always being compared in terms of medical efficiency and safety. According to related studies, taurine works to increase energy by working on the muscles and preventing muscle fatigue. On the other hand, caffeine increases energy by directly stimulating the nervous system to increase alertness and energy. This explains why taking drinks and foods with caffeine provides a sudden boost in energy.

Experts also say that while the dietary effects of Taurine as a nootropic during oral administration are not as immediate as that of caffeine, it may, in fact, be more beneficial to preventing and addressing possible brain and neurotransmitter conditions in the nervous system.

Unlike caffeine, taurine is also not considered a stimulant, but it affects the brain as it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

What Are The Sources Of Taurine Powder?

Taurine powder can be sourced from both natural sources and synthetic ones. It is essential to supplement taurine as it is useful in the maintenance of various metabolic processes in the human body. Persons who are suffering from malabsorption conditions are also often advised by health care practitioners to supplement the compound to prevent conditions associated with low levels of amino acids.

What are the natural sources of Taurine powder?

Natural food sources of Taurine include meat and fish. Nutritionists say that scallops are among the best food sources of Taurine, followed by tuna and other seafood products. Including dairy food products in the diet is also ideal to increase circulating taurine levels in the body system.

Studies have also found that breastmilk is a good source of Taurine. Hence, it is usually included in formula milk for infants who are not breastfed as it is essential in bodily processes for organ development.

Some business manufacturers of energy drink products also include Taurine in their formulations as it is believed to heighten strength and enhance athletic performance.

What are the synthetic sources of Taurine powder?

Like many other medicines and vitamins, the amino acid Taurine is synthetically produced through laboratory procedures. Essentially, synthetic Taurine is produced from isethionic acid through the use of reactant ammonia. It is also produced through the alkylation of ammonia with bromoethanesulfonate salts.

Tons and tons of Taurine are produced annually through laboratory procedures as food sources cannot meet the need for the compound, especially among patients with malabsorption conditions. Nonetheless, synthetic taurine is as efficient and beneficial as the ones obtained from foods.

More Information

What are Taurine’s benefits?

There are many ways in which the compound Taurine may help promote healthy bodily function. These benefits include the following:

  • It boosts energy and promotes endurance.

Evidence of Taurine’s effect on the musculoskeletal system shows that it may boost energy levels and promote endurance by minimizing fatigue in muscle regions and protecting muscle tissues from oxidative stress. Medical experts explain that taurine dietary supplements effectively prevent cell damage through detoxification processes brought about by its antioxidant properties. This effectively promotes muscle health and prevents rapid wear and tear during exercise.

It is also observed in both animal and human studies that the effect of Taurine in enhancing metabolism may help promote weight loss among individual users when combined with healthy diets and regular exercise.

  • It improves mental focus.

The body levels of the essential amino acid Taurine naturally reduce with age. This is because of the expected wear and tear of bodily processes which compromises vitamin and nutrient absorption. By crossing the blood-brain barrier, medical experts say that Taurine may help maintain the balance of neurotransmitters and promote overall nervous system health.

Aside from promoting neurotransmitter balance, it was also established in some medical studies that Taurine supplement products may help support nervous system health by detoxifying neurons and eliminating free radical compounds that gradually alter nerve cell functions. In effect, persons who take taurine supplements have improved mental focus and alertness. In many customer reviews, it was also claimed that the compound may improve other cognitive functions such as thinking abilities and learning.

Researchers also say that the compound may address anxiety and depressive conditions as these diseases are primarily associated with neurotransmitter imbalances.

  • It may enhance athletic performance.

Taurine supplements improve athletic performance in two ways. First, it effectively prevents muscle fatigue which is often the cause of exhaustion among athletes and bodybuilders. This is because it prevents oxidative stress in muscle cells and tissues. Second, medical practitioners believe that the compound can enhance athletic performance by providing energy sources throughout the workout as it promotes healthy metabolism or the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.

The compound is also included in the formulation of pre-workout supplements, along with other drug ingredients that prevent fatigue or exhaustion.

  • Other benefits

Experts also say that taurine supplementation may help in maintaining cardiovascular health and heart function through its detoxification effects. Some studies are suggesting that it may also be beneficial among patients with heart disease, especially among those with increased blood pressure.

In terms of reducing blood sugar, evidence suggests that the compound may help lower fasting blood sugar levels. It may also reduce cholesterol levels and insulin resistance among diabetics which effectively promotes the function of the metabolic organs.

One published research reviewed by medical experts has also provided the foundational basis for the claim that Taurine supplements may benefit patients’ tinnitus. In the said research, it was found that administration of Taurine effectively improves auditory discrimination as it reduces noise in the auditory pathway while at the same time increasing inhibitory tone.

Scientific research on Taurine also provided that it may support testosterone production, thereby effectively improving sperm count and sperm motility among men. Thus, the compound may support sexual health and fertility.

Are there any side effects of Taurine powder?

Customer reviews show that there are limited to no side effects associated with Taurine supplementation in any form. However, when taken in higher quantities, the supplement is said to produce side effects which include headaches and stomach discomfort. These side effects may be controlled with a reduction of the dose as per medical advice.

Oral Taurine administration should not be combined with caffeine as it may cause adverse effects involving the cardiovascular system. It is also likely to heighten stimulation which may lead to a sudden increase in vital signs and the inability of the human body to regulate the same. This is the reason why energy drinks with taurine and caffeine are banned in several countries all over the world.

Taurine powder dosages recommendation

The healthy dosage for Taurine, as recommended by health experts, ranges from 5oo to 2000 milligrams per day for intended supplementation. The recommended dose may differ depending on the age, weight, and overall health condition of the individual user.

Medical experts in independent taurine dose research support the claim that the compound may be used safely for up to 3000 milligrams per day for a person’s entire life. This is because food sources of the compound do not always meet the healthy levels of Taurine in the human body.

Where to buy Taurine bulk powder online?

The market price of Taurine powder usually ranges from $3 to $6 per kilogram, depending on the quantity purchased and the distance of the buyer from the supplier.

Related reviews on health supplement websites generally recommend the purchase of bulk Taurine powder from reputable ingredient suppliers alone. Nutri Avenue is a well-known health supplement ingredient supplier which is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and is certified by Kosher, GMP, and Halal. Our company is preferred by many health supplement manufacturers as we offer our products at very affordable prices.

If you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities of high-quality Taurine at a very affordable price, you may visit our website and get a free quote. You may also check the product description on our page or contact our technical support staff for more details on the Taurine and other products we offer.


Taurine provides many health benefits for optimum heart, musculoskeletal, and nervous system wellness. Although it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, the compound may be useful to support body health through its claimed benefits.

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