Inosine: The Ribonucleic Acid compound for Nervous System Health


Inosine: The Ribonucleic Acid compound for Nervous System Health

Following a rather disappointing discovery in the 1970’s that the compound Inosine has no effect in improving athletic performance, a lot of experts have resorted to finding some other helpful benefits of using the compound in other fields of the human body. In the recent years, studies focusing on the potential effects of using the compound for purposes of preventing cancer development as well as in providing adjunct therapies to post-stroke patients revealed feasible conclusions which have brought hope to a lot of individuals. Today, the compound Inosine is primarily included in the formulation of essential dietary supplements indicated for individuals of various age groups.

What is Inosine?

Inosine is a laboratory-prepared nucleoside.  The most important function of the compound in the human body is to facilitate genetic code translation, thereby contributing to a lot of bodily process regulation. Studies were also initiated to determine the potential effects of using the compound in the prevention and treatment of several autoimmune diseases or those disorders unresponsive to ordinary treatment as their etiologic factors are not fully known. There are also health studies recently concluded which has made important claims that the compound, when ingested orally, can produce uric acid which is a natural antioxidant for purposes of preventing multiple sclerosis, a condition affecting the neurons of the nervous system. While no actual studies conducted on humans have yet been published, the compound is considered to be generally safe.

Health Benefits of using Inosine

Several brands for health supplements include Inosine in their formulations for various reasons. Although the compound is not commonly advertised as a major component of dietary supplements, it is known to provide a wide range of health benefits among individual users. The following are some uses of the compound Inosine:

  • It may enhance repair of a damaged spinal cord

Traumatic damage in the spinal cord resulting from several causes such as motor vehicular accidents can cause major changes in the body’s daily processes, including movement and digestion. Studies show that the compound Inosine has potential effects in stimulating growth of axon, a part of nerve cells. By increasing production rate of the compounds, experts are looking into the possibility of enhancing repair or healing time for spinal cord damage.

  • It has neuroprotective capabilities

Inosine is also helpful in protecting neurons from destructing factors including stressful environment as it stimulates growth of new nerve cells. Although neurons are not expected to multiply as rapidly as skin cells, hair cells and other fast-growing cells, it may develop gradually with Inosine supplementation. This claim is subject to actual human studies for further understanding.

  • It may reduce Parkinson’s symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition. In one study, it was revealed that regular supplementation of the compound Inosine may help reduce appearance and progression of Parkinson’s disease, including its symptoms.


Most of the findings on Inosine are focused on its effects in enhancing overall nervous system function. Claims are still subject, however, to in-depth clinical studies.

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