Are Bodybuilding Ingredients Still Vibrant?

Is Bodybuilding-Related Market Still Vibrant

Are Bodybuilding Ingredients Still Vibrant?

In the bodybuilding ingredients market, there are many types of products, and even suppliers are constantly producing a large number of new formula products to enrich the market. Here is the following question we have to discuss.

Is The Bodybuilding Ingredients Market Still Worth Continuing to Invest in?

The answer is definitely yes!

Products like muscle mass, bodybuilding, etc., are not just for bodybuilders and athletes. This market continues to grow as the health-conscious consumer population from all walks of life becomes more health-conscious. What is causing the growing awareness of health? One of the leading global factors:

COVID-19 still exists.


The supplements of muscle and strength category have grown exponentially and will continue to grow as the COVID-19 pandemic increases consumer health awareness. More and more people are beginning to maintain their health in different ways, such as:

  • Fitness activities
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Healthier eating habits and more.

The days when sports nutrition supplements were only sold and purchased by fitness fanatics and athletes are gone. The bodybuilding-related market has expanded to include everyday consumers who want to improve their fitness. According to Trisha Sugarek MacDonald, senior director of research and development at Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation (Sugar Land, TX), the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) reports that 62% of U.S. consumers surveyed during the COVID-19 crisis indicate they have become more health-conscious.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report by Allied Market Research, Nutri Avenue concludes the following points:

  1. The global sports nutrition market size was valued at USD 34.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach around USD 67 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%.
  2. Found in sports nutrition supplements – protein supplements, one of the most commonly used supplements, are expected to grow significantly.

This point can also be seen in conjunction with data from Grand View Research: in the United States alone, the global protein supplement market will be worth $20.47 billion in 2021. And from 2021 to 2030, a compound annual growth rate is expected to grow at 8.5%.

So with all that, it can be seen that the younger demographic is driving demand for these products because they focus on the value of looking good and feeling good, such as managing heart, immune and cellular health. So, as interest in maintaining health and fitness continues to grow, and as we further adapt to a post-COVID-19 global environment, the natural products industry is watching and responding to consumer trends.

How Should The Bodybuilding Ingredients Market Develop?


Inflammation and oxidative stress should be taken seriously.

Tim Hammond, vice president of sales and marketing at Bergstrom Nutrition, says the muscle, strength, and bodybuilding ingredients categories are concentrated on protein and amino acids. Consumers’ typical target usually pays attention to muscle mass, performance, and tone. Therefore, there is a problem that the role of inflammation and oxidative stress have been overlooked, especially in the recovery period. During high-intensity training or competition, body management is a concern for athletes and needs to be better addressed in product solutions.

Hammond explained, “This correlation also extends to active everyday consumers, as aging and the additional stress of life may inhibit recovery. Managing an emergency response to recovery is essential to ensuring consumers ‘feel’ better sooner rather than later. That is probably the main recovery requirement. Since the daily diet and the body’s internal systems are less likely to recover on their own due to exercise, the diet should contain enough protein.”

Bone health and injury management emerging as New Critical Needs.

Bone health and injury management is another essential demand in the bodybuilding ingredients market, especially for high-level athletes. Most sports nutrition brands expand their product range to related dietary supplements beyond protein and amino acids. Bone health and injury products are a fresh force in this expanded platform. The market itself is not about performance but the process that enables individuals to continue training and support long-term behavioral change.

A new perspective on Millennials and Women.

Sugarek MacDonald noted that the NMI reported an increase in the number of new dietary supplement users during the COVID-19 pandemic, with millennials and women showing the most significant interest. They like to focus on active nutrition and energy supplements. So, there will be a massive boom in these two categories. However, she also noted, “Regardless of a person’s age, gender and activity level, when you find a fitness program that works for you, people will naturally want to incorporate healthy eating and responsible supplements into their new regimen. “

According to Bryan Morin, brand manager at NOW Sports, the market growth should be attributed to consumer expansion and continued research and education on proven ingredients that have shown clinical relevance. Also, despite the government’s initial measures, such as lockdowns and gym closures due to COVID-19, the market was negatively impacted. But in 2021, with the reopening of gyms and fitness centers and a greater inclination toward health and fitness, the muscle and strength market supplements are making a solid comeback.

bodybuilding related market

As we all know, traditional muscle and strength supplements are HMB, creatine, leucine, beta-alanine, etc. And they have a lot of research data to support their current bodybuilding-related helping effects are real and effective. However, there are now also new and ongoing studies proving that these ingredients can be used not only in the sports and fitness market but also in their derivative markets, thereby reaching a wider audience and ultimately having a positive impact on the market.

Supplements such as creatine and beta-alanine are a factor that promotes growth. Some new research is starting to appear in new areas, such as older adults, women, and cognitive functioning. Although this study is new, additional research must be done to confirm.

Bodybuilding Ingredients themselves need innovation.

  • More function support

Another trend in sports nutrition-laden supplements is the introduction of non-traditional muscle and strength ingredients.

Ingredients such as frankincense and curcumin have increased in muscle and strength supplements in this category due to the overall focus. In addition to this, adding these types of ingredients for health and specific conditions, such as immune support, has resulted in muscle and strength supplements attracting a broader consumer base.

  • More convenient form

Convenience and dosage are paramount when it comes to the delivery of not only muscle and strength but all active nutritional products.

If the clinically supported dose can be made into one or two capsules or tablets, consumers can take it with other supplements in the evening or in the morning. This way is a preferred mode of administration. If it’s a pre-workout or post-workout product, consumers may be looking for an unflavored powder that can be added to a pre-or post-workout drink. Ready-to-drink products also continue to be a popular delivery method as consumers love the convenience of ready-to-drink products that already contain everything they need.

supplements innovation
  • Restoring nutrition: seize the point of opportunity

Research has shown that within 30 minutes of vigorous exercise, the body optimizes its ability to replenish energy stores, especially muscle and liver glycogen. However, over time, the chances of regaining nutrients decrease significantly. So athletes need to act fast. After an hour, the best time to restore nutrition begins to lose; after four hours, the opportunity is completely lost. Getting proper nutrition post-workout creates dynamic changes in the body, shifting it from a catabolic to an anabolic state and ensuring proper muscle growth.

Susanne Engelbert, the owner of Eterna Health Food Store in Mansfield, Texas, has noticed many consumer trends. To date, she has served customers for 12 years. Customers are always asking about these products and have been using such supplements. Especially starting in 2020, this phenomenon is especially obvious. These customers are well-educated, so they are more willing to ask questions and learn more, and discover which products will work perfectly ‘for them. They want long-term effects, not just immediate effects.

Although muscle and strength products appeal to both men and women, the consumers most interested in them at the Eterna Health Food Store tend to be men. Boss Susanne Engelbert sees an increase in sales in this category because my consumers aren’t just looking to get bigger. They’re also really interested in getting healthy for themselves. Consumers want their muscles and strength to be sustainable and contribute to their overall health. Better health, more strength, more energy, and a stronger mind.

Bodybuilding Ingredients Brief List

Between training, adaptation, and recovery, they exist a delicate balance. While many active people are looking for products that provide nutritional support to help maximize the benefits of exercise, they are also looking to help minimize wear and tear on the body.

supplements for bodybuilding

Methylsulfonylmethane is an ingredient that provides nutritional support to help maintain joint and connective tissue health. It has also been found to benefit exercise recovery by reducing oxidative stress as well as pain and muscle soreness after acute physical exertion.

The following lists the different effects of Methylsulfonylmethane scientifically proven in four different fields:

First, Methylsulfonylmethane reduces exercise-induced oxidative stress and increases antioxidant capacity.

Supplementation with Methylsulfonylmethane 10 days prior to runners participating in a 14k run, runners not only reduced their levels of oxidative markers but also increased plasma antioxidant capacity.

Second, Methylsulfonylmethane reduced resistance and endurance exercise-induced muscle damage and improved endurance recovery.

Creatine Kinase, called CK simply, is a marker of muscle damage. And CK  index was significantly elevated after a 14k endurance run. However, MSM supplementation 10 days before exercise significantly reduced CK.

Third, Methylsulfonylmethane improved the inflammatory response to exercise.

The test persons performed a single acute exercise that is 10 sets of eccentric knee extension of ten repetitions. Systemic inflammatory cytokine levels were increased immediately after training. However, taking Methylsulfonylmethane 28 days before exercise decreased levels of pro-inflammatory markers and increased anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Finally, Methylsulfonylmethane improves performance after destructive exercise, especially knee kinetics following eccentric knee extensor injury.

The compounds in the Fadogia Agrestis extract are also believed to promote lean muscle mass development among athletes and bodybuilders. In other words, it can encourage bodybuilding performance. Fadogia Agrestis is thought to naturally improve mass muscle growth as an alternative to anabolic steroids. And it also can develop by increasing testosterone levels and enhancing energy levels during workout performances.

Cyanotis Vaga extract has been extensively researched in the last decade. The active ingredients in Cyanotis Vaga extract can also promote muscle growth and development. All I mentioned above are just a few supplements in the bodybuilding-related market that have different effects on exercise and physical health.

For more information, welcome to Nutri Avenue.

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