Is Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract Benefit?

Cordycepic Acid ,Polysaccharides form Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract Boost Energy, Stamina, Endurance, and Overall Athletic Performance

Is Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract Benefit?

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract is among the most well-researched dietary supplement ingredients which are shown to improve overall athletic performance and enhance stamina and energy. The said product contains relative amounts of Cordycepic Acid, Cordycepin, and polysaccharides compounds which may effectively support health and wellness. The extract is also believed to work against oxidative stress.

What is Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract?

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract is a very beneficial product that is taken from a certain genus of parasitic fungus found in the larvae of specific caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China. For centuries, Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for conditions including low sex drive, weak immune system, kidney disorders, and liver conditions. The product has been developed under scientific research and is now used in the formulation of various dietary supplement products for optimum health, especially among men.

Other terms which are used to refer to the product include Cordyceps Sinensis, Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, cordyceps powder, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Pure CS-4 Mycelium, organic cordyceps extract, Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, and Cordycepic Acid. It has a brownish powder appearance when used in dietary supplement formulations and is generally soluble in water.

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract for stress

Cordyceps Militaris vs. Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Militaris is another ingredient in dietary supplement products that is an appropriate substitute for Cordyceps Sinensis. Both Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinensis have historical uses in China and some regions across India.

The main difference between the products is that Cordyceps Sinensis is known to contain more essential compounds such as adenosine when compared to Cordyceps Militaris. Also, while Cordyceps Sinensis is more expensive than Cordyceps Militaris, the former is more popular than the latter as the health claims associated with its use are backed by several health pieces of research.

With this, many experts prefer Cordyceps Sinensis over Cordyceps Militaris.

Constituents of Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract is quite beneficial for health as it is packed with various compounds and nutrients that improve various functions of the body’s organ systems. The key ingredients in the products are Cordycepic Acid and Cordycepin. The product also contains beta-glucans and various polysaccharides which improve health.

Other compounds which may be obtained from Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract include nucleoside, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide.

Cordycepic Acid

Cordycepic Acid also referred to as D-mannitol, is a potent compound in treating liver fibrosis and initiating diuresis. The compound is among the key ingredients in Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract and is believed to contribute to the free radical scavenging properties of the product.

Cordycepic Acid is described as having CAS number 69-65-8 and molecular formula C6H14O6. The molecular weight of the product is 182.17 g/mol.


The compound Cordycepin is a highly beneficial compound that has established functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, an analgesic, and an antitumor agent. It is a derivative of adenosine and is also referred to as 3′-deoxyadenosine.

The CAS number of the compound is 73-03-0 and its molecular formula is C10H13N5O3. The molecular weight of Cordycepic Acid is 251.24 g/mol.

Cordycepin and Cordycepic acid

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract forms and Specifications

The product Cordyceps Sinensis Extract comes in two main forms which include Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Powder 100:1 and 50:1 extract ratio. Other specific compounds in the extract are also used in the formulation of dietary supplement products. These come in different forms which include 20% or 10% Cordycepic Acid powder, 40% or 30% polysaccharides, and >30% or  >25% Beta-Glucans. Other forms like those standardized to 7% Polysaccharides (Entire Fruiting Body and Mycelium Included) or custom standardized extract are also available in some suppliers.

Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps

Lion’s Mane is well-known for its effects as a nootropic or an agent that boosts overall cognitive functions. Like Cordyceps, it is also a fungus.

Stacking fungi dietary supplement ingredients is a successful way to synergize the effects of the ingredients and produce more benefits among individual users. Many manufacturers of modern dietary supplement products stack Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps for enhanced brain and musculoskeletal health.

Cordyceps and BioPerine

BioPerine is a fast-rising patented piperine extract that is included in many dietary supplement formulations for its claimed effects in increasing overall nutrient absorption in the body. Manufacturers of Cordyceps supplements include BioPerine in their formulations to help increase absorption of the active ingredients in the product and to provide many other benefits including improved cognition.

BioPerine structure

How does Cordyceps Sinensis Extract work?

It is believed that the Cordyceps Sinensis Extract works by targeting several bodily patterns and influencing the production of certain hormones and enzymes in the body. According to researchers, the compounds in the extract, specifically Cordycepin, work by increasing antioxidant activity in the brain which is associated with lesion pathogenesis and inflammation. In effect, it may contribute to the prevention of tumor development while providing neuroprotective benefits.

The compounds in the product are also shown to increase the production of the compound Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the muscles which result in enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply to muscle regions during exercise. This is the reason why the product is claimed to be an effective ingredient for improved muscle growth and development.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Manufacturing Process

The raw material Cordyceps Sinensis is used in the production of the product. With the extraction procedure, an orbital shaker is used for twenty-four hours. However, where a hot water extraction procedure is adopted, a hot plate and a stir bar are used and the period for the procedure only takes three hours. The product is then filtered and rotovated to dryness to obtain the desired product. 

Health Benefits of using Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Among the benefits of using the product include:

  • It increases energy levels.

Experts say that the product Cordyceps Sinensis Extract is quite powerful as it increases energy levels and provides benefits to athletes and bodybuilders. It effectively increases stamina and overall endurance for improved performance.

cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract for health
  • It supports athletic performance.

By maintaining a healthy oxygen and nutrient supply in muscle cells, the product Cordyceps Sinensis Extract helps support athletic performance and prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

  • It supports cardiovascular health.

In one study, it was found that the product may also help support cardiovascular health by relaxing blood vessels to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. The extract is also claimed to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Extract supports cardiovascular health
  • It protects against oxidative stress.

Research reveals that the compounds in Cordyceps Sinensis Extract may help prevent oxidative stress by increasing glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase production in the body. These compounds are well-known antioxidants.

Other health benefits

The product is also shown to effectively increase oxygen and lung capacity, help maintain kidney, liver, and heart health, as well as maintain good cholesterol and glucose levels.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Side Effects

Experts say that using Cordyceps Sinensis Extract dietary supplements within recommended doses will not cause any untoward side effects. However, some users have reported the development of mild side effects which typically disappear after the first few doses.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Dosage

Most research reveals that a dose of about 1000 to 3000 mg of Cordyceps Sinensis may safely be used. Nonetheless, physicians may recommend a different dose depending on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to Buy Bulk Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Powder?

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