Is Saw Palmetto Extract Safe For Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto Extract is a Potent ingredient for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and hair loss

Is Saw Palmetto Extract Safe For Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto Extract is a well-known ingredient used in male dietary supplements for its claimed effects in reducing benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH and other prostate conditions. The active constituents of the compound are also found to help prevent hair loss among men. It is also claimed that the product may be used in the management of erectile dysfunction.

What is Saw Palmetto Extract?

Also known as Saw Palmetto Berries Extract, 45% Fatty Acids, and Serenoa repens, the product Saw Palmetto Extract is derived from the dwarf palm tree Serenoa repens which is abundant in Cuba, Bahamas, Georgia, Florida, and other North American regions. The fruit of the Serenoa repens or Saw Palmetto has long been associated with aphrodisiac, cough-reducing, and diuretic effects. Today, Saw Palmetto Extract is used in the field of alternative medicine to improve fertility, reduce inflammation, and manage several male reproductive conditions.

Although Saw Palmetto Extract may be used in making tea, some of its active ingredients are not soluble in water. When included in dietary supplement formulations as powder, the product has a white to yellowish crystalline appearance.

Constituents of Saw Palmetto Extract

The product Saw Palmetto Extract yields several active constituents which are most likely associated with the many benefits of its use. Among the compounds found in the extract are fatty acids, flavonoids, and plant steroids. Fatty acids in Saw Palmetto Extract are usually isolated for certain specific health benefits.

Chemical researches also show that Saw Palmetto Extract contains relative amounts of high molecular weight sugars or polysaccharides which are also beneficial for health.

Fatty Acids types and contents

The main fatty acids found in Saw Palmetto Extract are lauric acid, oleic acid, and myristic acid. Other compounds such as palmitic acid and linoleic acid may also be found in the product.

Lauric acid, which is quite useful for skin health, is described as having CAS number 143-07-7 and molecular formula C12H24O2. Oleic acid, which is used to improve cardiovascular functions, has CAS number 112-80-1 and molecular formula C18H34O2. Lastly, myristic acid, which is primarily indicated to improve overall cardiovascular parameters, is described as having CAS number 544-63-8 and molecular formula C14H28O2.

Fatty Acids structure

Saw Palmetto Extract Forms and Specifications

The Saw Palmetto Extract 10:1 ratio is among the most common forms of the product in dietary supplement formulations. However, some manufacturers also prefer the use of specific components of the product for their formulas. Some common forms for this purpose are 25%, 45%, and 85% fatty acids, with 45% fatty acids being the most popular choice. Customers may also avail themselves of custom standardized forms depending on their individual needs.

Nutriavenue is one of the most popular choices when it comes to dietary supplement ingredient needs. At Nutriavenue, we offer high-quality and affordable Saw Palmetto Extract in bulk quantities or lesser quantities. In case of bulk purchases, we usually pack the product in paper drums having 25 kilograms net weight, with two layers of polybags inside for increased protection. However, we allow our customers to suggest a different packaging material depending on their individual needs and preferences.

How does Saw Palmetto Extract Work?

Saw Palmetto Extract is largely introduced as a potential management option for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and its associated symptoms. According to research, the active components of the product work by potentially inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase production and release, thus opposing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is believed that this mechanism may prevent rapid prostate cell growth and decrease frequent urination which is a symptom of BPH.

The reduced conversion of testosterone to DHT is also associated with improved overall reproductive health in men.

Saw Palmetto vs. Finasteride

Finasteride is a medically formulated drug that is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and hair loss associated with the condition. It is also useful among women as it helps reduce facial hair growth. It is described as having CAS Number 98319-26-7 and molecular formula C23H36N2O2.

Finasteride structure

In terms of health benefits, Saw Palmetto Extract is comparatively similar to that Finasteride. However, there are lesser studies to prove the effects of Saw Palmetto as compared to Finasteride as the latter has long been subjected to health studies. It is believed, however, that quantitative research on Saw Palmetto extract may be sufficient to back health claims associated with it.

Beta Sitosterol vs. Saw Palmetto

Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol that is found in several plants including Saw Palmetto. The CAS number of the compound is 83-46-5 and its molecular formula is C29H50O. It has actions as a cholesterol-lowering agent and an agent for cardiovascular health. The compound is also promoted to help reduce symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

beta sitosterol structure

Both Saw Palmetto and Beta-sitosterol are beneficial for men, especially those who are suffering from BPH. However, Saw Palmetto may offer many other benefits other than BPH management as it contains other compounds aside from Beta-sitosterol.

Pygeum vs. Saw Palmetto

Pygeum is an herbal extract that is obtained from the bark of a tree native to Africa called Prunus Africana. It is also known as African Plum Tree, African Prune, and African Pygeum. Pygeum is known to contain relative amounts of triterpenes such as oleanolic acid and ursolic acid and phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol. The product is another popular management option for BPH. However, unlike Saw Palmetto which can be useful in the prevention and management of symptoms associated with the condition, Pygeum is quite effective only in the early stages of the disease process.

Saw Palmetto is also preferred over Pygeum as it is well-tolerated among individual users.

Saw Palmetto and Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

A combination of Saw Palmetto and Hyaluronic Acid has long been associated with an overall increase in collagen production due to reduced DHT conversion, as well as improved skin health. Saw Palmetto and Hyaluronic Acid supplements are also used to promote hair health in both men and women.

Saw Palmetto for Women

While it is not fully understood how Saw Palmetto works, it is amazingly found to help reduce unwanted facial and body hair growth in women. This is without affecting thinning hair in the head. Thus, the use of the product may also be recommended among women.

Saw Palmetto Extract Manufacturing Process

Saw Palmetto extract is manufactured from the fruits or berries of the Saw Palmetto plant. Simple steps to manufacture the said product involve drying the Saw Palmetto berries, followed by grounding the same to be pulverized. The product is then subjected to high-pressure carbon dioxide for extraction. The carbon dioxide is then separated from the extract.

Saw Palmetto Extract Health Benefits

Using Saw Palmetto Extract may provide the following effects, among others:

  • It helps promote prostate and urinary health.

The ability of the active ingredients of the product to prevent DHT conversion is very useful in promoting prostate and urinary health among men. However, the product may not be used to manage advanced stages of prostate cancer.

Saw Palmetto Extract promotes prostate
  • It may be used against hair loss.

DHT and BPH are associated with hair loss among men. The use of Saw Palmetto extract may be useful in preventing hair loss associated with the conditions.

Saw Palmetto Extract for hair loss
  • It may be useful against erectile dysfunction.

One recent study on Saw Palmetto Extract and its benefits also shows that it may be useful against erectile dysfunction. Deeper studies are still being conducted to verify the claim.

Saw Palmetto Extract for erectile dysfunction

Saw Palmetto Extract Side Effects

Saw Palmetto Extract is safe for use within recommended doses. Mild side effects may be experienced by some users but these symptoms are expected to immediately disappear. The use of Saw Palmetto extract should always be with the physician’s advice among persons who are diagnosed with underlying conditions, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Saw Palmetto Extract Dosage

Medical researches reveal that the safe and most effective dose for Saw Palmetto Extract supplementation is 160 to 320 mg per day. Physicians may prescribe a different dose depending on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to Buy Bulk Saw Palmetto Extract?

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