Ivy leaf extract: A Traditional Medicine for Cough and Respiratory Health

Ivy leaf extract relieves cough associated with thick mucus

Ivy leaf extract: A Traditional Medicine for Cough and Respiratory Health

Ivy leaf extract is a popular treatment measure in the early days for various illnesses affecting the respiratory system. It is essentially useful for coughs and wheezing, as well as in promoting overall bronchial health. Today, Ivy leaf extract is included in the formulation of various dietary supplement products as it is shown to provide a wide range of health benefits.

What is Ivy leaf extract?

More popularly known as English Ivy, the common ivy is a well-known source of natural expectorants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Historically, common ivy has been used to reduce swelling, prevent intoxication, and provide anesthetic benefits. Ivy leaf extract is commonly obtained through advanced laboratory extraction procedures for purposes of manufacturing dietary supplement products. Some medicines sold for bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory conditions also contain ivy leaf extract or its constituent compounds.

Other terms which refer to Ivy leaf extract include English Ivy Extract, Hedera helix leaf extract, English Ivy Leaf, common ivy, Hedera acuta, Hedera Arborea, Hedera baccifera, and Hedera grandifolia, Ivy extract syrup. Ivy leaf extract powder has a fine yellowish to brownish appearance and is generally soluble in water.

Active ingredients in Ivy leaf extract

The therapeutic benefits of using Ivy leaf extract are associated with its constituent active components. Among the compounds found in the extract include triterpene saponins, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, and some phenolic compounds. Essentially, a compound known as α-hederin which is classified as triterpene saponin is found to possess mucolytic, spasmodic, and bronchodilatory effects. In one study, it was found that ivy leaf 30% ethanol extract contains 0.66 g/g% of α-hederin.

Another important compound found in the extract is Hederacoside C. In the same study conducted to determine component constituents of Ivy leaf extract, it was found that ivy leaf 30% ethanol extract contains 15.69 g/g% of Hederacoside C.

Both Hederacoside C and α-hederin are classified as Hederagenin compounds.

Ivy leaf extract forms and specifications

Some common forms of Ivy leaf extract sold in the market include English Ivy Extract standardized to 10% hederacoside C, English ivy 4:1 ratio, and Hederagenin C 10% or 20%. You may avail of a different formulation depending on your needs.

Ivy leaf extract powder is available for purchase at Nutriavenue.com, a legitimate online supplier of dietary supplement products. You may avail of a different specification for the said product from Nutriavenue.

The product Ivy leaf extract powder is usually packed in paper drums with two layers of polybags when bought in bulk. However, customers are given options to avail of a different packaging material when the product is bought in lesser quantities or depending on their individual preferences.

Ivy leaf extract for babies

Studies reveal that Ivy leaf extract may be used to relieve cough in toddlers. It is believed that the use of natural remedies like honey and ivy leaf extract for respiratory problems in children is safe and effective, provided that the same is recommended by their physicians.

Agave and ivy leaf syrup is also an ideal remedy for toddlers to eliminate mucus and promote loosening of congestion. Various brands for the said combination syrup are available online and in various physical stores.

Hederagenin and ivy leaf extract

Hederagenin is a compound obtained from ivy leaf extract. Some manufacturers of dietary supplement products usually use Hederagenin on its own in their formulations. Some others use Ivy leaf extract to promote Hederagenin health benefits.

The CAS number of Hederagenin is 465-99-6 and its molecular formula is C30H48O4. It is usually included in dietary supplement formulations in 10% or 20% quantities. Hederagenin powder has a white crystalline appearance.

Hederagenin C

Hederagenin is a compound classified as a triterpenoid saponin. The most common form of Hederagenin in ivy leaf extract is hederacoside C and alpha-hederin. Aside from being prevalent in Ivy leaf extract, the compound is also found in the Chenopodium quinoa plant. The compound is becoming popular in the field of alternative medicine as it is found to have anti-depressant properties.

The CAS number of Hederagenin is 465-99-6 and its molecular formula is C30H48O4. Its molecular mass is 472.710 g/mol. The compound has a white crystalline powder appearance and is highly insoluble in water. It is, however, partly soluble in methanol and ethanol.

Thyme and Ivy leaf extract

Thyme is another herbal remedy for coughs. According to researches, the combination of Thyme and Ivy leaf extract may provide effective cough relief and suppression.

How does Ivy leaf extract work?

It is believed that Ivy leaf extract provides relief from respiratory symptoms by widening the bronchial passages and stimulating the release of watery fluids that promote the elimination of mucus. Hence, in effect, the compound may provide mucolytic effects and expectorant properties.

Standardized Ivy leaf extract extraction process

Ivy leaf extract is obtained by first comminuting dried ivy leaves. Thereafter, fermentation is initiated by adding water. The extraction procedure is then initiated by using an extraction agent which is commonly a water/alcohol mixture in a ratio (m/m) of from 10/90 to 90/10. The product is then obtained.

Ivy leaf extract health benefits

The following are among the most well-known benefits of using Ivy leaf extract:

It helps support respiratory and bronchial health

It is claimed that Ivy leaf extract is quite beneficial for wheezing secondary to asthmatic attacks. It is also known to protect the lungs from pollutants that interfere with the effective passage of air in the airways. Overall, Ivy leaf extract supplementation helps promote respiratory wellness.

It relieves cough associated with thick mucus

As a mucolytic agent, experts say that Ivy leaf extract may be useful for cough relief associated with thickened mucus. Essentially, the active constituents of the extract help loosen mucus and clear the airways.

It relieves congestion

Nasal congestion and congestion in the airways may interfere with breathing and cause discomfort. It is believed that the use of Ivy leaf extract may help relieve congestion.

Ivy leaf extract side effects

Common side effects associated with Ivy leaf extract supplementation include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some persons may also develop allergic reactions to the extract. Most side effects are expected to disappear within the first few doses. Nonetheless, individual users should immediately discontinue the use of the product and seek medical attention if severe allergic reactions occur or in cases where the symptoms progress.

Ivy leaf extract dosage

For adults, the most recommended dosage for ivy leaf extract supplementation is 45 to 105 mg per day. Children 2-5 years of age may also take the extract at 24 to 36 mg per day. The recommended dose for ivy leaf extract supplementation may vary depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and overall physical condition.

Where to buy Ivy leaf extract powder?

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