Juniper berry extract: An Ancient Olympic Health Enhancer

Juniper berry extract

Juniper berry extract: An Ancient Olympic Health Enhancer

Among the few health supplement ingredients generally classified as safe in the United States is Juniper berry extract. Despite its declaration as generally safe, however, side effects may still arise in cases of overdose or improper use of Juniper berry extract. For centuries, Juniper berry has been used in the making of medicines for internal gas or flatulence and other ordinary gastrointestinal illnesses. History also shows that Juniper berry is found in Egyptian tomb sites, although it is not shown to have been grown in Egypt. The use of Juniper berry in the field of medicine is mentioned much earlier than its use in the field of culinary arts. This means that even before it was consumed as a food source, alternative medicine practitioners used Juniper berry in making medicine. There are many studies evidencing potential effects of Juniper berry extract in promoting health but these claims still require concrete evidentiary studies.

What is Juniper berry extract?

Although named as Juniper berry, the plant is not in fact a berry but a cone plant with berry-like appearance. The use of Juniper berry in the modern day is so extensive as to include its prime use in the field of cosmetic products development. Hair products also contain relative amounts of Juniper berry extract as it promotes hair growth and prevent hair fall. In the early times, Juniper berry extract is also used by Greeks during Olympic events as it is said to promote stamina and overall physical performance of athletes. There are limited evidences on the effects of Juniper berry extract in preventing exhaustion and promoting athletic performance but it is claimed to be useful by individual users of Juniper berry extract supplements.

Health uses of Juniper berry extract

Doses of Juniper berry extract may promote health in various ways. Both men and women may benefit with the health supplement ingredient as it is said to provide the following benefits:

  • It may enhance urinary health

Juniper berry extract is very effective in enhancing urinary tract health as it prevents development of urinary tract infections and bladder diseases. Studies also show that Juniper berry extract promotes kidney filtration rate, thereby promoting diuresis. As an effect of diuretic process, blood pressure may also decrease.

  • It may prevent wound infections

During ancient wars, healthcare practitioners apply Juniper berry extract directly to wounds as it is observed to help prevent sepsis. Today, health supplement products containing Juniper berry extract are claimed to help prevent infections from open wounds.

  • It may improve digestive health

Studies also show that Juniper berry extract may also improve digestive health by eliminating gas and regulating healthy flow of digestive fluids. As an effect of diuresis, weight loss may also result with Juniper berry extract supplementation as excess fluids are eliminated.


In both historic and modern day era, Juniper berry extract is claimed to be quite effective. Not only is it beneficial for athletes but it can also be used by men and women of all ages.

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