Kava kava extract: Effective Solution for Sleep Disturbances

Kava kava extract

Kava kava extract: Effective Solution for Sleep Disturbances

Prescription medications for anxiety and depression, aside from being expensive, have long been associated with certain side effects including recurrence and severe headaches. Instead of taking prescription medications, experts say that the use of Kava kava extract health supplement may be quite beneficial for patients suffering from various mood disorders. When supplementing kava kava extract, however, it is very important for individual users to stop taking or reduce dosage of prescription medications for depression and anxiety as it may cause drug interactions which can be dangerous to health. Kava-kava extract is generally useful without associated side effects, except when taken beyond expert-recommended doses.

What is Kava-kava extract?

Kava-kava extract is primarily taken from kava-kava roots. Historical studies show that Kava-kava has been used in alternative medicine practices, as well as in ceremonial events. It has been included in teas and made in tincture forms for purposes of reducing anxiety. Although the extract from Kava-kava is still the subject of many studies to determine how it works among individual users, quantitative studies conducted on both animals and humans are accepted by experts as sufficient evidences as to the efficiency of the extract. The use of Kava-kava extract is also advisable as it does not cause addiction, which is usually the side effect of using many other psychoactive and anti-depressant medications.

Health benefits of using Kava-kava extract

Aside from reducing anxiety and depression through certain unknown mechanisms of action, Kava-kava extract provide many other health benefits. Individuals taking Kava-kava extract health supplements are absolutely prohibited from taking alcohol as it can endanger the user’s life. For some groups of individuals, especially those with liver damage, prior consultation with a physician is required.

The following are the benefits of using Kava-kava extract:

  • It may improve sleep patterns

Insomnia can result from a combination of environmental and psychological factors. Stress may also result to insomnia as it causes changes in the interplay of electric impulses in the brain. In one study, it was observed that Kava-kava extract supplementation effectively improves sleep pattern and prevents disturbances in electronic impulse transmission. It is also found not to affect Rapid-eye movement sleep, thereby promoting a restful sleep.

  • It may reduce hormonal-associated pain

Changes in hormonal levels brought about by menstrual cycle can result to flank pain as muscles excessively contract with every uterine contraction. Studies show that Kava-kava extract health supplements may help reduce hormonal imbalance-associated pain as it improves hormonal balance among women. The effect of the extract among men, however, is not yet fully explored.

  • It may help prevent cancer

Recent studies also reveal that Kava-kava extract supplementation within a certain period of time may help prevent development of cancer cells as it enhances phagocytosis of toxic chemicals in the body which cause genetic mutations.


Although Kava-kava extract is very potential, it may cause liver damage with long-term use. It is therefore important to consult physician prior to use when taking Kava-kava extract.

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