Learn From Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey: How To Lose Weight 2024 Summer?

kelly clarkson weight loss

Learn From Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey: How To Lose Weight 2024 Summer?

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey Gets A Lot of Attention

On June 7, 2024, Kelly Clarkson stunned in a magenta gown at the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, where she and her team won the best daytime talk series for the fourth consecutive year. On her show, she opened up about the ups and downs of her life, from divorce to co-parenting to the weight-loss journey.

In fact, earlier this year, she revealed how she has lost weight in recent months. In a chat with Whoopi Goldberg, she said she had been taking diet pills. Whoopi Goldberg has also gone on record saying that she was using Mounjaro. However, Clarkson clarified that she was not taking Ozempic, a drug for diabetes. It is known for its side effects on weight loss. However, she also did not disclose which drug she was actually taking.

Her openness about her health and wellness strategy has gotten the public talking about weight loss. Below, Nutri Avenue brings an understanding of Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey to discuss achieving weight management in the summer of 2024.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: How Does She Do?

  • The Plant Paradox Diet

Kelly Clarkson attributes her weight loss to following the “Plant Paradox” diet outlined in Dr. Steven Gundry’s book. This diet focuses on eliminating foods that contain lectins. Lectins are proteins that some believe cause inflammation and weight gain. Its key components include the following three things.

  1. Avoid lectin-rich foods like certain grains, legumes, and lycopene vegetables.
  2. Emphasize unprocessed whole foods such as leafy greens, nuts, and high-quality proteins.
  3. Add specific supplements as recommended by the diet.

What are specific supplements for weight loss?

There are many ingredients in such supplements that have weight loss benefits. Below, Nutri Avenue recommends three of the more popular weight loss ingredients of late.


It is an isoquinoline alkaloid found in various plants, notably the genus Berberis, such as Coptis chinensis and Berberis spp. It is thought to possibly help with weight loss.

First, it may help with weight loss in a number of ways, including targeting insulin resistance, increasing mitochondrial numbers, and enhancing brown adipose tissue. The ingredient may increase basal metabolic rate, helping the body burn more fat by boosting mitochondrial numbers and brown adipose tissue. It may also aid in weight loss by lowering inflammation, which is thought to lower metabolic rate and lead to hormonal imbalances.

Additionally, some studies have shown that Berberine can be combined with certain medications, such as metformin, to enhance weight loss. A 2022 review study found that people taking Berberine experienced significant reductions in both weight and BMI. Some have described it as “nature’s Ozempic.”

However, Berberine has a low solubility in water, which may limit its absorption in the digestive tract. Therefore, Berberine HCl, the salt formed when Berberine combines with hydrochloric acid, is more soluble in water. It contributes to easier absorption. Its salt form is more recommended in weight loss supplement products to increase effectiveness.

Lemon balm extract

The botanical source is Melissa officinalis, a traditional herb belonging to the mint family. Its leaves have a mild lemony aroma and are used to flavor medicines and foods.

Lemon balm is thought to be possibly helpful for weight loss. It contains rosemarinic acid, a natural antioxidant. It may help prevent obesity by reducing the size of fat cells by inhibiting their growth. In addition, lemon balm can reduce stress, which is beneficial in weight loss formulas.

In addition, it works by blocking the formation of blood vessels that provide nutrients to fat cells. In addition, the ingredient reduces the activity of proteins (FABP4 and PDK4) involved in lipogenesis.

lemon balm weight loss

Green Tea Extract

This extract is a concentrated form of the active ingredient extracted from green tea leaves. It usually contains the same or higher amounts of active ingredients as regular green tea. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, especially catechin-like compounds. Such compounds may aid weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and promoting fat oxidation.

Studies have shown that people with different basal BMIs lose different amounts of weight after consuming green tea. Obese people (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m²) experienced more significant weight loss after consuming green tea. It may help weight loss by increasing the calories the body burns through thermogenesis. If

combined with exercise, it may be more effective in reducing the severity of obesity-related fatty liver.

green tea extract weight loss
  • Focus on overall health

Clarkson emphasizes that her main goal is to lose weight and improve her overall health. She has suffered from thyroid and autoimmune diseases. Therefore, changing her diet helped her to better manage these diseases.

  • Lifestyle and attitude

In addition to diet, Kelly Clarkson talks about the importance of a positive attitude and self-acceptance. She promotes a healthy body image and emphasizes that weight loss should be about personal health and well-being, not social pressure.

  • Physical activity

Although not as widely discussed as dietary changes, maintaining an active lifestyle is often an important part of the weight loss journey. It may include regular exercise through organized workouts or general physical activity such as walking or dancing.

  • Public statements

Clarkson has used her platform to openly discuss her weight loss journey, making it clear that it is personal. Different methods work for different people. She encourages others to find what works best for their unique body and health needs.

  • Avoid Fad Diets

She has always criticized fad diets and quick fixes. Instead, she advocates sustainable, long-term health changes.

Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey exemplifies a holistic approach that balances dietary changes with a focus on overall health and well-being. Her experience underscores the importance of personalizing health strategies and maintaining a positive body image.


It is easy to see from Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey that weight loss is not solely dependent on diet pills or hunger strikes. It takes a huge toll on the body. The most important thing you can do to lose weight in the summer of 2024 is to combine diet and exercise and slowly find your health needs. Supplements like those containing Berberine, lemon balm, green tea extract, and other natural weight loss supplements are much more natural and safer to aid in weight loss than diet pills.

Paying more attention to your body and finding the best way to lose weight is what you should be doing in the summer of 2024!

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