Keratin powder: The Supplement Powder for Integuments

Keratin powder

Keratin powder: The Supplement Powder for Integuments

Salon keratin treatments for various hair types have become popular over decades after discovery that the compound keratin may improve hair health and reduce hair care problems. Some theories provide that Keratin powder works in improving hair appearance when it is absorbed in the hair cuticle, making hair look shinier and smoother. Although treatment of hair with keratin is claimed to be quite beneficial, some experts have provided recommendations to avoid keratin hair treatments as the compound may be dangerous to some individuals who are suffering from skin diseases. For keratin treatments in salons, hair stylists also use other compounds such as formaldehyde which can be dangerous to health. For these reasons, experts have sought to develop a healthy keratin form which can be used in health supplement formulations, so that the compound can work in improving health from the inside out. Today, experts use keratin powder in health supplement formulations.

What is Keratin powder?

Keratin powder is a health supplement ingredient believed to enhance hair health safely and effectively. The compound Keratin is naturally found in the human body. It plays vital roles in tissue growth and development, as well as in protecting some organs. In general, Keratin is classified as a protective protein as it helps reduce effects of tears in the skin surface and other connective tissue areas. Keratin is also responsible for making nails hard enough to protect the distal ends of the fingers. In one study, it was claimed that Keratin powder may also promote hair growth. Although Keratin may contribute to hair growth efforts, it is not the only compound necessary for hair growth. This means that in order to promote hair growth, Keratin, along with other compounds in the body, must be used altogether. There are no known risks of using Keratin powder in health supplement formulations except when they are used in excessively high doses.

What are the benefits of using Keratin powder?

Many individuals believe that Keratin powder is limited to treating hair problems. However, recent studies reveal that it may provide many other benefits which include the following:

  1. It may improve skin health

Keratin is also found in the skin as it serves to protect skin layers from damage brought about by factors including pollution and UV rays. Studies show that Keratin powder supplementation may also improve skin health.

  1. It helps strengthen nails

Brittle nails, according to studies, may be caused by lack of keratin. Increasing keratin levels through Keratin powder supplementation may enhance overall nail health and prevent brittling.

  1. It may improve tissue repair function

Since keratin plays a role in tissue repair, experts say that Keratin powder supplementation may help promote tissue repair function in cases of wounds and other tissue damages.


Experts support the use of Keratin powder in health supplement formulations as it is safe and effective. It must be used with caution among patients with diagnosed illnesses of the skin

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