2 Things You Need To Know About Deazaflavin Powder

5-Deazaflavin powder

2 Things You Need To Know About Deazaflavin Powder

There are already many anti-aging ingredients on the market, which can basically be divided into two categories.

  • One category is small molecule compounds, such as NAD+ supplements, metformin, rapamycin, etc.
  • The other category is mainly plant extracts, such as various polyphenols, quercetin, resveratrol, etc. There are also Chinese herbal ingredients and Chinese medicine prescriptions based on traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Clinical validation of anti-aging ingredients is difficult. The biggest obstacle is the lack of recognized endpoints. Without this, it would be impossible to rigorously evaluate the effects of the product on the human body, and it would be impossible to generate solid clinical evidence.

The first person to study NMN, Professor Shinichiro Imai of the University of Washington, once introduced a mouse experiment conducted by David Sinclair. After a week of continuous administration of NMN (500 mg/kg body weight/day) to 22-month-old mice (equivalent to 60 years in humans), the mice’s vitality levels (measured as the amount of energy (ATP) production in the mitochondria) were found. assessment) reached the same level as 6-month-old mice (equivalent to 20 years in humans).

If increasing the level of mitochondrial energy supply is the goal of anti-aging, is there any option that can promote mitochondrial energy supply more powerfully than NMN?

5-Deazaflavin: Beyond Energy Supply, Activating Longevity Genes

In human-derived neuroblasts cultured in vitro, ATP causes the cells to emit red fluorescence after adding NMN because NMN is converted and synthesized into coenzyme NAD+ in the cells. Suppose the same dose of Deazaflavin (a NAD+ analog, a food ingredient) is added to neuroblasts. In that case, the fluorescence produced is significantly stronger than that of NMN, indicating that more ATP is produced.

Another in vitro experiment showed that Deazaflavin significantly increased the mitochondrial energy supply of hippocampal nerve cells, activated and proliferated the hippocampal nerve cells themselves, and increased synapses (electrical signals).

These two studies show that when supplementing NMN, if its dose may not meet the anti-aging needs, people can consider choosing Deazaflavin powder, which promotes more powerful energy production.

Deazaflavin VS NMN

NAD+ is linked to 12 traits of aging. Many of these characteristics are related to the abnormal function of the SIRT protein that uses NAD+ as a substrate. Therefore, SIRT protein is also an important target for anti-aging.

The function of SIRT proteins can be significantly improved when increasing NAD+ supply and combining it with the SIRT agonist resveratrol. The ability of Deazaflavin to activate SIRT casts doubt on the necessity of developing new SIRT agonists.

In in vitro experiments, through fluorescence color development, it can be observed that the cellular SIRT1 protein is activated after adding NAD+ (not NMN) to cultured cells. When the same dose of Deazaflavin was added, the activation of SIRT1 was more obvious, and the fluorescence intensity reached 3.5 times that of NAD+.

NAD+ and Deazaflavin


Now, NMN is banned by the FDA. However, the topic of anti-aging ingredients has been discussed in the market for a long time. In the process of anti-aging research, mitochondria have been a research hotspot that has lasted for decades. It fully reflects the importance of mitochondria as cellular power plants and changes in their energy supply to aging. By this criterion, Deazaflavin promotes energy production more powerfully than NMN. And at the same dose, the activation of SIRT1 by Deazaflavin is more obvious. The intensity of fluorescence color is 3.5 times that of NAD+. These two research results make people consider whether Deazaflavin will become one of the best substitutes for NMN.

Deazoflavin Powder Basic Information

  1. Other Names: NMN8 (former name), 5-Deazaflavin
  2. CAS Number: 26908-38-3
  3. Chemical Structure: C11H7N3O2
  4. Molecular Weight: 213.19 g/mol
  5. Purity: ≥98%
  6. Appearance: Light yellow powder

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