Kola nut extract: Effective Weight Loss Aid

Kola nut extract

Kola nut extract: Effective Weight Loss Aid

Many beverages sold worldwide contain certain amounts of extract from kola nut. While it is primarily included for flavoring purposes, recent scientific studies reveal that kola nut extract may contribute to various health benefits which can be very interesting to modern day individuals. With the discovery of its health uses, several manufacturers of health supplements began to develop formulations of weight loss supplements containing Kola nut extract. Pharmacodynamic researches have also been piloted to determine the exact compounds present in Kola nut extract and allow experts to determine safety levels of Kola extract use. To date, researchers have found that the extract contains relative amounts of caffeine which is a compound long established for its many health uses.

What is Kola nut extract?

Also known in western regions as kola nut, the essential weight loss supplement ingredient Kola nut extract is taken from the seeds of the cola nut tree which is prevalent in regions across Western Africa. History reveals that the seeds of the plant have long been used traditionally in the field of medicine for purposes of fatigue treatment and prevention of depression. There are no scientific bases for these claims, however, although modern experts say that the caffeine content of the seeds is responsible for the health benefits. Since excessive caffeine in the body can lead to dangerous side effects such as hypertension and palpitations, the amount of Kola nut extract in health supplement formulations must be regulated and maintained within safe levels.

Health uses of Kola Nut extract

Everyday supplementation of Kola nut extract can be very advantageous especially among individuals who need to lose weight for health purposes. Some individuals seeking to eliminate abdominal fats may also find Kola nut extract supplementation very useful. The following are other health benefits of using Kola nut extract:

  • It prevents microbial growth

Independent studies on Kola nut extract reveal that compounds found in the extract may have contributory effects in the prevention of growth of several strains of microorganisms. Thus, taking Kola nut extract supplements can help prevent development of infection-associated respiratory conditions such as Tuberculosis and bronchitis. Some experts also say that it can help prevent meningitis or the inflammation of the meninges of the brain.

  • It improves digestive function

Aside from boosting metabolism rate and enhancing energy levels, studies also reveal that Kola nut extract supplementation can lead to improvement in overall digestive system function. Kola nut extract helps prevent constipation and treat diarrhea. It also prevents bloating.

  • It enhances body circulation

The circulation of blood throughout the body, even towards distal portions such as the toes and fingers are shown to improve with Kola nut extract supplementation. Researchers say that this is brought about by the ability of the extract to enhance cardiac pumping rate.


Kola nut extract is not new in beverages formulations but it is considered as not yet fully explored in the field of health supplement manufacture. It is, however, safe for use.

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