Konjac Root Extract-Proven Safe Traditional Weight Loss Agent

Konjac Root Extract

Konjac Root Extract-Proven Safe Traditional Weight Loss Agent

Soluble fibers like Glucomannan, isolated from the popular Japanese root vegetable Konjac root, are among the safest weight loss aids known to man. Even prior to the development of advanced medical sciences, early health care practitioners have recommended the use of Konjac root extract for the treatment of various cholesterol-associated disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular disorders. Although the use of the extract for medical purposes are currently regulated for some known side effects, experts say that regular supplementation of Konjac root extract within the prescribed doses may help promote weight loss and enhance overall health and wellness.

What is Konjac root extract?

Being the primary source of the sugar Glucomannan, Konjac root extract has long been among the major ingredients of major health supplement brands. Glucomannan is used not only in the supplement manufacture but also widely in the culinary fields for its proven effects as a gelling agent. Throughout the years, experts have been subjecting Glucomannan as well as other compounds found in Konjac root extract for potential risks as these compounds are known to absorb large amounts of water and suppress appetite among individual patients. In some independent studies, however, researchers say that the benefits associated with Konjac root extract and Glucomannan outweigh its side effects, as the latter can often mild and treatable.

Health benefits of Konjac root extract

In terms of pharmacodynamics effects, there are no better explanations as to how Glucomannan in Konjac root extract works other than the fact that it is a powerful natural soluble fiber. There are several significant health effects associated with powerful soluble fiber supplementation which include the following:

  1. It may treat constipation

While most individuals believe that constipation is less dangerous than diarrhea, medical experts say that the condition can be a whole lot complicated as it may lead to azotemia and eventually, death. Studies show that Konjac root extract supplementation within regulated doses may help treat constipation, even without other interventions, as the compound Glucomannan diverts fluids into the gastrointestinal tract and therefore help expel stool. Caution is being raised, however, as excessive intake of Glucomannan lead to diarrhea.

  1. It may lead to rapid weight loss

Obese and overweight individuals who are at high risk for disorders associated with excessive body fats are usually advised to take Glucomannan and Konjac root extract supplements for its rapid weight loss effects. Aside from preventing the absorption of fat molecules from the gastrointestinal tract, Glucomannan also suppresses appetite among users, although the manner as to how it works this way is not yet fully understood.

  1. It may promote cardiovascular health

The effective elimination of excessive cholesterol and low density lipoproteins in the body cells may eventually lead to a healthier cardiovascular system. Glucomannan helps promote heart health by maintaining normal lipid levels and preventing shoot ups in sugar levels.


Glucomannan and Konjac root extract may be toxic in high doses due to the water absorbing effects of the drug but within doctor-recommended doses, it can promote several potential health benefits and even treat disorders.

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