Kudzu root extract: The Useful Herb for Alcoholism Control

Kudzu root extract

Kudzu root extract: The Useful Herb for Alcoholism Control

In as early as the 1870’s, the herb Kudzu has already been introduced in North America for purposes of preventing soil erosion. Because it easily propagates, Kudzu has soon spread into farmlands and other soil areas, thus covering a lot of regions in the Southern area. Although it was not introduced originally for purposes of health supplementation, experts later discovered the many advantages of using Kudzu root extract in the treatment of various disorders and in the prevention of certain illnesses. Historical studies reveal that the use of Kudzu root extract in alternative medicine dates back in Chinese regions in as early as 600 AD. However, it was only introduced as potential health supplement ingredient with supporting quantitative research outputs to support claims in the recent decades. Within recommended doses, Kudzu root extract is believed to be quite useful among individual users but excessive amounts of the extract can be quite dangerous to health.

What is Kudzu root extract?

The health supplement ingredient Kudzu root extract is a useful herbal product since the early days. The many parts of the Kudzu herb, including its leaves and flowers, are used in the field of alternative medicine. However, some researches show that the roots of the plant yield highest amounts of essential nutrients. Kudzu root extract is used primarily in the treatment of alcoholism as it helps reduce amounts of retained alcohol in the body. It may also enhance results of alcohol withdrawal efforts as it helps reduce manifestation of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Kudzu root extract also works in improving function of many vital organs of the body, including the heart. Although there are many claims associated with Kudzu root extract, most of these claims are still subject to confirmatory studies.

What are the benefits of using Kudzu root extract?

Taking Kudzu root extract supplements may provide a lot of health benefits, according to some quantitative researches conducted over decades. The following are some of the benefits of using Kudzu root extract:

  • It may control cancer growth and development

An important finding on Kudzu root extract reveals that the isoflavones found in it can help prevent cancer cell growth and development. It is not established, however, if it works against all types of cancer cell growths.

  • It lowers blood pressure

Kudzu root extract is also claimed to be effective in lowering down blood pressure. This benefit may reduce risks for strokes and other hypertension-linked complications. Patients who are undergoing antihypertensive treatments must, however, seek physician’s consultation prior to using Kudzu root extract.

  • It may reduce cholesterol levels

Some experts say that Kudzu root extract may also reduce cholesterol, thus improving cardiac profile. By reducing cholesterol levels, Kudzu root extract may also prevent progression of Diabetes Mellitus.


One of the most useful Chinese medicinal herbs is Kudzu plant. Kudzu root extract can be used safely within recommended doses.

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