L-Arabinose: The Monosaccharide Sugar for Effective Glucose Administration


L-Arabinose: The Monosaccharide Sugar for Effective Glucose Administration

With the growing number of obese and overweight people in various areas across the globe and in various age groups, weight management programs assisted by health practitioners has become more intense over the years. Aside from diminishing self-esteem due to changes in appearance, obesity and overweight conditions also raises risk for various health conditions including heart ailments and lifestyle-associated illnesses like Diabetes Mellitus Type II. In order to enhance weight loss efforts, experts recommend the use of certain health supplement ingredients, including L-Arabinose. L-Arabinose is among the rare compounds which are gaining popularity worldwide due to its ability to block sugar and enhance weight loss. It has also already been subjected to many health studies and is currently being subjected to human subject studies but it is not yet recognized by the United States-Food and Drug Association as a weight loss agent.

What is L-Arabinose?

L-Arabinose is classified as a monosaccharide sugar. It is a pectin sugar which can be found in varieties of plant sources. It was used in the past as a non-caloric sweetener, meaning, it adds flavor without introducing calories in the body. In terms of safety, it was recognized as a safe food additive, but not yet recognized in terms of its health uses. Experts say that L-Arabinose works in promoting weight loss by blocking and delaying absorption of glucose. This results to the effective administration of insulin by the body without excessive release and pancreatic damage. Delayed glucose absorption and use also allows the body to have long-lasting energy supply, thus preventing fatigue and exhaustion during exercise efforts. There are many other advantages of L-Arabinose use and its weight loss effects. Although it is uite beneficial, experts say that L-Arabinose should not be used in excessive doses as it may also cause damage to the sugar administration system of the body. It must also be used with caution by persons who are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and other types of metabolic conditions.

What are the benefits of using L-Arabinose?

The following are other advantages and benefits of using L-Arabinose:

  • It reduces risk for cardiovascular condition

One of the common manifestations of hyperglycemia or increased blood sugar is thickening of blood. This symptom damages the heart at it requires increase in the heart’s pumping efforts. Studies show that by controlling blood sugar, L-Arabinose effectively reduces risk for cardiovascular conditions.

  • It provides long-term energy supply

Effective glucose administration also provides long-term energy supply without need of frequent feeding. Long-term energy supplication allows athletes and weight loss enthusiasts to exercise for long periods of time without being exhausted.

  • It prevents organ damage

Long-term increase in blood sugar eventually destroys other organs, including the kidneys and the liver. Studies show that L-Arabinose supplementation may prevent organ damage by maintaining healthy sugar levels.


Taking L-Arabinose is healthy and effective not only for those who are seeking to lose weight but also for those who are at risk for metabolic conditions. It must be taken with caution among diabetic patients.

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