L-arginine L-pyroglutamate: Nitric Oxide Booster

L-arginine L-pyroglutamate

L-arginine L-pyroglutamate: Nitric Oxide Booster

Combining compounds with synergistic effects have become a common trend in health supplement ingredient manufacture over the years as it has been established to provide more benefits to individual users. In the manufacture of health supplements for athletes and bodybuilders, the compounds L-arginine and L-pyroglutamate are commonly being combined as they provide powerful effects for energy-requiring activities. L-arginine L-pyroglutamate is known to effectively increase nitric oxide levels in the body, thereby dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow towards distal portions of the body, including the legs and the arms. This health effect is useful in preventing fatigue and exhaustion among persons who are engaged to strenuous exercises, or those who are undergoing weight loss management programs. The vasodilation effects associated with L-arginine L-pyroglutamate use may also provide other indirect health benefits but it must be used with caution especially among patients who are suffering from hypertension and hypotension.

What is L-arginine L-pyroglutamate?

The health supplement ingredient L-arginine L-pyroglutamate is a combination of the molecule L-pyroglutamate and the amino acid protein compound L-arginine. When taken individually, L-arginine is generally associated with more health benefits as it has been subjected to health studies for several decades. Although L-pyroglutamate is not as familiar among individual users as L-arginine, modern experts say that it may also improve health in several ways individually. L-arginine L-pyroglutamate supplementation is very common not only among athletes and bodybuilders but also among individuals who are engaged to high levels of stress due to workload. It is also useful to some individuals who are suffering from dysfunctional circulation due to thickening of blood structure or due to narrowing of the blood vessels. Patients with Diabetes Mellitus are also believed to have improved circulation when using L-arginine L-pyroglutamate supplements. However, L-arginine L-pyroglutamate must always be used with caution and physician’s recommendation for patients with diagnosed illnesses.

What are the benefits of using L-arginine L-pyroglutamate?

The other benefits of using L-arginine L-pyroglutamate include the following:

  • It may promote muscle growth and development

Muscle growth and development is, according to studies, associated with nitric oxide production. Experts believe that by supplementing L-arginine L-pyroglutamate, nitric oxide production enhances, resulting to effective muscle growth and development.

  • It may support sexual health

Experts also say that L-arginine L-pyroglutamate may enhance sexual health, especially among men. In one research, it was found that the L-arginine L-pyroglutamate may be useful in treating erectile dysfunction. It is also believed that the compound may be useful in improving overall sexual performance.

  • It may improve immune system

Several studies also support the claim that L-arginine L-pyroglutamate may improve immunity and prevent development of various conditions. It may also control infections.


L-arginine L-pyroglutamate can be used safely and effectively within recommended doses among healthy individuals. However, it must be used carefully among patients who are suffering from certain illnesses.

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