L-asparagine monohydrate: Vital Compound for Metabolic Processes

L-asparagine monohydrate

L-asparagine monohydrate: Vital Compound for Metabolic Processes

The metabolic processes of the body is mostly controlled and run by amino acids in the cellular levels. Although the functions of nonessential amino acids are not quite recognized as they primarily work within the basic human structures, experts explain that the absence of these compounds can lead to significant decline in bodily processes. Among the most common proteinogenic amino acid which is also used in the formulation of modern health supplements is L-asparagine monohydrate. The compound is used in several biological researches, although its use in health supplementation field is also recognized. L-asparagine monohydrate is typically created under laboratory procedures but may be found in its simple form in the human body. When introduced through oral route by supplementation, it is believed to yield a lot of health benefits.

What is L-asparagine monohydrate?

The compound L-asparagine monohydrate is white crystalline in appearance and is soluble in acids and alkaloids. Its baseline compound Asparagine is among the 20 protein building blocks in the human body which plays significant roles in terms of metabolic processes. Asparagine is most important in its role as a nitrogen transport agent. Although the compound can be derived from various food sources such as poultry, fish and nuts, its supplication through dietary supplements in the form of L-asparagine monohydrate is highly advised to ensure sufficiency bodily supply.

Health benefits of using L-asparagine monohydrate

There are many reasons why manufacturers of health supplements include L-asparagine monohydrate in their formulations. Aside from functioning as a synergistic compound, it also contributes specific health benefits which are not often found in other ingredients. L-asparagine monohydrate is not as well-known dietary supplement ingredient but it is claimed to provide the following health benefits:

  • It improves brain and nerve function

Brain cells or nerve cells function rapidly to maintain metabolic processes and ensure sufficiency of nutrient and energy supply among all body cells. Studies show that L-asparagine monohydrate supplementation may help improve brain and nerve function as it works within brain cells and enhance their overall cellular performance. It also helps maintain equilibrium or balance within the internal environment of the brain to prevent damage in brain cells and nerve tissues.

  • It helps improve psychological responses

L-asparagine monohydrate supplementation also helps improve psychological responses as it helps calm the brain and prevent nervous breakdowns. There are certain studies showing that L-asparagine monohydrate may help improve neurotransmitter production but most experts say that it works primarily by improving structure and function of brain cells.

  • It increases energy sources

The basic structure Asparagine in L-asparagine monohydrate is composed of high energy ATP which also yields high amounts of energy for purposes of maintenance of vital body functions. L-asparagine monohydrate supplementation thus increases energy sources for long-term physical and mental activities.


L-asparagine monohydrate is a vital health supplement ingredient which does not usually receive enough recognition. Many studies are still required to be conducted to fully establish claims on L-asparagine monohydrate benefits.

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