L-citrulline malate: An Effective Nitric Oxide Level Booster

L-citrulline malate

L-citrulline malate: An Effective Nitric Oxide Level Booster

Non-essential amino acids are necessarily supplemented through diet and health supplementation as they play vital roles in many processes occurring within the human body. Aside from improving cardiovascular health, experts say that non-essential amino acids like L-citrulline are also important in strengthening immune system function. In order to increase L-arginine levels for higher nitric oxide supply, physicians also recommend the use of L-citrulline malate. L-citrulline malate works better in increasing L-arginine levels in the body as compared to L-arginine supplementation itself, according to the latest researches. When introduced in the human body, L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine without resulting to significant reduction in compound levels brought about by exposure to gastrointestinal juices. For purposes of enhanced cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health, L-citrulline malate supplementation is highly advised.

What is L-citrulline malate?

L-citrulline malate is a combination of the amino acid Citrulline and the salt compound Malate or Malic Acid. Manufacturers of health supplements usually adopt different proportions for the combination. The compound L-citrulline malate is commonly used as a food preservative. In the field of medicine, it is currently being studied upon for its claimed effects in improving aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration and power output during performance of exercises. L-citrulline malate is highly advised for use among adults and elderly men as it primarily improves musculoskeletal health. Younger individuals may also take L-citrulline malate to prevent exhaustion and fatigue brought about by strenuous exercises. Individual users who are suffering from certain health conditions are required to seek physician’s consultation prior to use of L-citrulline malate supplements.

Health benefits of using L-citrulline malate

Health supplements with L-citrulline malate are useful for individuals of all ages, especially men. While most of the health claims associated with L-citrulline malate supplementation are not yet fully proven, experts say that these claims may be accepted clinically as they are backed with quantitative researches. The following are among the benefits of taking L-citrulline malate:

  • It may cure erectile dysfunction

Studies show that L-citrulline malate supplementation may be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. In one study, it was claimed that L-citrulline malate works by increasing circulation towards the genital area during sexual engagement, thereby promoting erection.

  • It improves blood circulation

L-citrulline malate also helps increase nitric oxide levels in the vessels of the cardiovascular system. Increased nitric oxide levels result to increased blood circulation not only in vital body organs but also in the distal portions of the body.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

Human subjects who are suffering from prehypertension are also shown to benefit with L-citrulline malate supplementation. It is not, however, recognized as a hypertensive drug.


L-citrulline malate is an essential health supplement ingredient for modern men and women. Not only is it effective in improving cardiovascular health but it is also essential in treating certain reproductive dysfunctions.

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