L-glutamic acid: The Essential Compound for Weight Loss and Mental Health

L-glutamic acid

L-glutamic acid: The Essential Compound for Weight Loss and Mental Health

If there is one supplement ingredient which can be useful in the enhancement of functions of almost all the body organs, that is L-glutamic acid. Studies show that the compound can be very useful in improving nervous system, digestive system, immune system and even musculoskeletal system function. Although it is included in health supplement formulations in relatively low doses, some experts believe that taking L-glutamic acid supplements is not quite necessary for patients who are not suffering from deficiency of the compound. However, with the growing number of persons suffering from L-glutamic acid degradation due to various factors including pollution and excessive stress, many experts recommend inclusion of the compound in many supplement forms. L-glutamic acid is also useful in the field of commercial industry as a pesticide agent. Since it is generally safe and effective for various purposes, experts say that L-glutamic acid can be used without risks except for persons taking excessive doses of the compound.

What is L-glutamic acid?

L-glutamic acid, or Glumatic acid, is a health supplement ingredient believed to enhance wellness, especially that of the brain. It is naturally produced in the body, thus being classified as a non-essential amino acid. L-glutamic acid plays several vital roles in the human body. It is a prime component of some neurotransmitters and hormones produced by the body to initialize and slow down processes. Other than being produced by the body, L-glutamic acid may also be found in various food sources including chicken, fish, poultry products and meat. It can be used by majority of individual groups and is well-tolerated by persons who are suffering from chronic illnesses but before using L-glutamic acid supplements, consultation with physician is necessary for patients who are already diagnosed with certain health conditions. The use of L-glutamic acid should also be avoided by persons who are suffering from kidney or liver damage.

Health benefits of using L-glutamic acid

Taking L-glutamic acid supplements may provide many health benefits. These include the following:

  1. It may help treat psychiatric disorders

Many psychiatric disorders are brought about by alterations in neurotransmitter production. Studies show that L-glutamic acid supplementation may be useful in treating many psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia.

  1. It may treat muscle dystrophy

Muscle dystrophy may result from various causative factors. In one study, it was observed that muscle dystrophy patients who are taking L-glutamic acid supplements have improved treatment effects. This is because L-glutamic acid also works in muscle repair.

  1. It may promote weight loss

L-glutamic acid supplementation, according to the latest studies, may also contribute to weight loss efforts. This is because it enhances metabolism and burns fats effectively without associated dangerous risks.


There are many reasons why L-glutamic acid should be included in every health supplement formulation. However, it should always be taken within recommended doses only.

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