L-Glutamine: A Great aid in Muscle Maintenance


L-Glutamine: A Great aid in Muscle Maintenance

Amino acids are one of the most important compounds that the body needs to regulate and perform its responsibilities daily for amino acids are the building blocks of protein. It means that without amino acid, the body will not be able to manufacture protein which is really helpful in building leaner muscles. There are different types of amino acids, and I will be talking about L-Glutamine.


What is L-glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid naturally found in the body and it gives benefits to human’s health depending on the purpose. Glutamine is found in different foods such as poultry, milk, peanuts and yogurt but there are still certain people who are in need of it due to glutamine deficiency. Glutamine deficiency is a condition wherein a person needs glutamine supplements to recover the lost glutamine in the body and of course to have a healthier lifestyle. But, what exactly are the benefits of taking L-glutamine?

5 Important Reasons To Choose L-Glutamine

1. L-glutamine could give a leaner and stronger muscle. As I have told you, L-glutamine is an amino acid, therefore it has the capability to make the muscle bigger,stronger and leaner. This is the reason why L-glutamine is also called or known to be a sports supplement for it helps athletes perform and look better.

2. L-glutamine is also a nitric oxide supplement. This suggests that glutamine has the ability to aid in a person’s immune system; this allows the body to be free from different kinds of diseases and it could even make healing and inflammation of muscles faster which strongly suggest that glutamine may be the best amino acid supplement in body building.

3. In addition, glutamine is often associated with depression, for anxiety or stress maybe a sign of glutamine deficiency. This suggests that stress and depression could also be addressed when you are using L- glutamine dietary supplements.

4. L-glutamine could also be helpful in terms of other diseases such as cancer, angina and insomnia but it is still the best to ask your physician to ensure safety. You might as well think that it is safe to take as much L-glutamine as you want because it is naturally produced in the body,but you are absolutely wrong!

What Is The Recommended Dosage For L-Glutamine?

The recommended dosage for L-glutamine is 14 grams a day but you can take a higher dosage until 40 grams daily if your body can tolerate it or if your doctor prescribed it for you to take. Failure to do so may lead to negative results. L-glutamine is naturally safe to all of its users if it is taken wisely. There are no noted side effects of glutamine but people with mental illness and pregnant or nursing women should not take L-glutamine to avoid unwanted results. Where can you find L-glutamine? L-glutamine can be purchased in many stores online, if you think that you are the person who is in need of L-glutamine supplements, buy glutamine now! Though, we’re not done yet. Upon purchase, there are things you have to remember, you should store L-glutamine away from light with a temperature not higher than -20 degrees Celsius for you to enjoy its effects. Finally, it can last for 24 months prior to the date manufactured.


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