L-Histidine base: The Essential Amino Acid Compound for Better Circulation

L-Histidine base

L-Histidine base: The Essential Amino Acid Compound for Better Circulation

Used frequently as an activating amino acid, L-Histidine base is typically necessary in the functioning of the human body. The compound, according to studies, is necessary in the activation of other amino acids such as Serine and Threonine. It is also useful as a catalytic site for many enzymes as it contains a functional group known as imidazole. In the field of alternative medicine, L-Histidine base is included in the formulation of many health supplement products as it is found to be beneficial in the treatment of seasonal conditions or those illnesses which are typically associated with allergens. According to studies, L-Histidine base may help control histamine in the body, thus preventing excessive manifestation of allergic reactions, especially those symptoms affecting the respiratory system. The use of L-Histidine base in the alternative medicine field is very common but precaution must still be raised on the use of the supplement ingredient as excessive doses may result to dangerous side effects.

What is L-Histidine base?

The basic compound L-Histidine base is a well-known health supplement ingredient which works in the enhancement of joint functions, nervous system and even the circulatory system. There have been a lot of studies on L-Histidine base and its effects in the body but most of these claims are only conducted on animal subjects and not yet backed with human subject studies. L-Histidine base is an essential amino acid in the human body. This means that it cannot be made by the body itself and must be taken from diet. L-Histidine base deficiency is found to cause a lot of problems among individuals. In one study, it was found that lack of L-Histidine base among infants may result to mental retardation. Joint aches may also result among adults who lack sufficienct L-Histidine base levels. For these reasons, L-Histidine base supplementation is highly recommended.

What are the benefits of using L-Histidine base?

L-Histidine base supplementation may provide other benefits which include the following:

  1. It helps support manufacture of blood components

The structure of white and red blood cells requires sufficient amounts of L-Histidine base to be normal and functional. Studies show that L-Histidine base supplementation is also useful in enhancing production of these solid blood components.

  1. It helps maintain myelin sheath

Myelin sheaths refer to the coating or covering of nerve cells. Destruction of the myelin sheath may result to changes in overall brain function as the relay of information from one site to another will be disrupted. Studies show that L-Histidine base supplementation may help maintain myelin sheath health.

  1. It works against rheumatoid arthritis

Many patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are advised to take L-Histidine base supplements as the compound is shown to be quite beneficial in reducing symptoms of the condition.


As an essential amino acid, L-Histidine base supplementation is really necessary. However, overdose should be avoided by individual users.

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