L-Lysine The Effective Amino Acid Supplementation for Anxiety Treatment


L-Lysine The Effective Amino Acid Supplementation for Anxiety Treatment

Generally, the body is able to produce protein building-block amino acids but there are some amino acid compounds which are necessary for normal body functioning but not produced by the body, and are only supplemented through diet and health supplement products. One of these essential amino acids which cannot be manufactured naturally by the body is L-lysine. The compound L-lysine plays important roles in bodily processes, including collagen production and the growth and development of bones, muscles and other organs. Although it can be taken from dietary sources, deficiency in L-Lysine is very common due to depletion of the compound in some food groups. This is the reason why experts highly recommend intake of dietary supplements with relative amounts of L-Lysine. Studies show that patients who are suffering from L-Lysine deficiency usually manifest symptoms like dizziness, fatigue and even changes in reproductive system functions.

What is L-Lysine?

The essential amino acid compound L-Lysine is usually included in health supplement formulations due to its many uses. It is also used in the field of cosmetic product production as it is found to be very useful in the prevention and control of acne. Experts say that the effect of L-Lysine in acne control is brought about by its ability not only to enhance collagen production in the skin but also through its immunity-enhancing effects. L-Lysine effectively prevents acne whether applied in the skin or when taken through dietary supplements. In one study, it was also discovered that L-Lysine supplementation may be useful in improving overall skin appearance as it helps control wrinkles and development of age spots. This is because the compound works in the elimination of toxic compounds in the skin which typically destroy skin cells and make them age faster than normal. Many experts recommend the use of L-Lysine in health supplement products as it is useful and safe for healthy adults.

What are the benefits of using L-Lysine?

The following are among the common benefits of using L-Lysine, as proven by health studies:

  1. It is a natural cancer treatment

L-Lysine supplementation is among the best effective ways to treat and prevent cancer naturally and effectively. This has been shown in many health studies. However, the US-FDA has not yet recognized L-Lysine as a cancer cure.

  1. It may help treat anxiety

Long-term anxiety caused by various developing factors is shown to be controlled with L-Lysine supplementation. In one study, it was found that supplementation of the compound can prevent symptoms associated with anxiety, including diarrhea.

  1. It may help treat Herpes infections

Recent studies show that L-Lysine supplementation is one of the effective ways to treat Herpes infection. This is because it effectively strengthens immunity responses.


Individuals are advised to take L-Lysine through dietary supplements as the compound is useful in improving overall bodily functions. It may also improve dietary absorption of some minerals including calcium.

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